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Welcome to Advertising Page.

Here on this Page, you will find everything you want to know about Advertising on this Website.

Let,s Start with a Short Introduction.

My name Raza Nagori - The man behind this Site and let me first give you an Overview of this website.

My Blogging Planet  get traffic from all over the world and our 80% Traffic is Organic mean,s it come's directly from Search engines. and traffic and readers are increasing day after day.

Traffic Status of This Blog

My Blogging Planet is the faster growing blog you can see the traffic status below.

Our current Alexa rank is under ------.

More Info about Traffic/Readers of this blog.
  • 1500+ Daily Visits
  • 50000+ Monthly
  • 1564+ active Subscribers
  • 700+ Twitter Followers

Which Kind of Sites are not Allowed for Adverting?

We do not allow some categories of sites/Product to Advertise with us to maintain the quality of this website.

Type of  Product/Sites Which will not be Accepted for any Adverting Offer
  • Pornography: Containing any adult material like nudity pics/videos.
  • Gambling/Drugs: Containing Gambling or any type of drugs.
  • Scamming/Spamming: Sites which are doing online Scamming.
That,s it all other sites are Accepted :) 

Various ways to Advertise with Us

(1) Display Ads  ( Price Depends on the Ad Location )

You can display your ads which are an Effective Advertising and you will surely get Hundreds of views and sales to your Product/Website.

Prices of the Ad Slots
  • 728*90   - Below Post Title  $50                   
  • 300*250 - Sidebar (Above the Fold) $60     
  • 728*90 - End of the Post (Below Post) $40 
  • 300*250-  Sidebar (Floating) $70                 
  • 728*90 -  Before Footer $30                          

(2) Product Reviews  ( $75 )

If you want to Promote your Product then Product Review will be an awesome choice for you because it will help your Product to meet the completely new audience who are interested in that product.

And we can write a review about your Product and will Publish it on this blog for only $100 .

(3) Sponsored Post  ( $40 ) 

If you have a great Piece of Content which is Referring your Site Sales Page and want to Publish it in front of the big audience then this is the right place for you.

We will Charge Only $50 for that post but remember your Sponsored Post main focus should be like a normal post. we don,t want you to write only about your Product/Website. we will give only 100 words,s to Describe your site/Product.

Are you Interested?

If you are Interested in Buying any ad slot, Product Review or Sponsored Post than You can Contact us at mybloggingplanet [@] 

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