25 January 2016

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2015 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts (Updated)

Searching for Some Epic content here? Check them out these posts are most popular on our blog and most of these posts are about SEO and Marketing.

Top 10 Post of 2015

Hello, guys as 2015 have been ended few days ago so I decided to share the top posts of this blog with you again.

In this Post, I am going to share 10 most popular Posts which were on different topics like SEO, Content Marketing, Blog traffic tips and much more which did so well and which were published in 2015.

I think maybe you have missed some of these posts So I think you should check these posts because these post's are so helpful for you and I am sure you are going to learn something new which you still don't know.

So let's start.

Top 10 Most Popular Post of 2015 - Mostly about SEO

Social bookmarking sites
This Post is about Social Bookmarking Sites which can help you to get a Dofollow backlinks easily for your sites to in this post I have described everything you should do and what you should avoid to get thousands of new visitors on your blog and to achieve higher ranking in Search engines using social bookmarking sites.

This post was published in 2015 But have been updated in 2016 to keep this post alive to and helpful.

Currently Gained: 16356 Visitors, 100 new Subscribers, and 32 Comments. ( wow that's amazing )

(2) 17 Killer Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

Promote your Blog Post

As you can guess it,s title this post is about promoting your content everywhere to get higher traffic on your blog posts and in this post we have shared few most interesting and easy ways to make your blog traffic next level. as we all know more traffic = more income.

2nd best post of this blog.

Currently Gained: 8907 Visitors, 1 Comment, and 67 Subscribers
Content Marketing Tools

This Post is about Content Marketing tools which were really Enjoyed by my blogging planet readers and it was our first post about content marketing and results were more than expected and in this, we have shared the 23 tools which can help your content marketing much easier and Effective.

These are my favorite content marketing tools I have ever used and helped me a lot.

Currently Gained: 3000 Visitors, 2 Comments, and 10 Subscribers

(4) 9 Best Ways to Monetize your Blog Effectively

Monetize your blog

This post is about Monetizing your blog effectively to earn more money and also these are ways which will don't decrease your site's user experience. and in this post, I have shared 9 different ways so you can choose any of them which you think will help you to earn even more.

I think in this post I have shared more than enough ways so must give it a try.

Currently Gained: 2256 Visitors, 2 comments, and 87 shares

(5) 6 Best ways to Get Higher Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

This post is about Building Quality links for your site to get higher ranking on Search engines and, of course, getting better ranking in search engine means more quality traffic on your blog and this is a small list of link building ways but these are most common ways to build links this guide was specially written for newbies/beginners.

Currently gained:  1868 Visitors, 11 comments, 162 shares.

(6) 7 Reasons Your Links Not Helping Your Search Ranking

Link Building in right way
This Post was for Link builders who are building so many links every month but not getting good Results or even sometimes they penalty from search engines and it happens because of bad link building Strategy/Wrong way.

So we shared everything you should avoid while doing link building and share some you should do to get your site in google top 10 results.

Currently Gained: 1641 Visitors, 2 Comments, and 33 Shares.

(7) How Guest Blogging Can Help to Grow your Blog

Guest Blogging

This Post is about how you can use guest blogging to grow your blog traffic, Popularity and Search engine ranking and this post did really well and was also enjoyed by this blog audience.

I think you should also do guest blogging because it,s very helpful in many ways like you are getting yourself and your blog in front of a totally new audience and doing it in good authority sites will also increase your site search engines ranking.

Currently Gained: 1526 Visitors, 4 Comments, and 40 Shares.

(8) 50 Most Important Google Ranking Factors 

Google ranking Factor
This Post is about the important Google Ranking factors which google use to rank a website in their search and without knowing them you can't optimize your site properly.

So if you are also the one who is searching for the ways to increase google ranking then you should first learn how google ranks a site.

Currently Gained: 1451 Visitors, 8 Comments, 139 Shares

(9) 7 Best Free Online Backlinks Checker Tools

This post is about the tools you can use to check how many links do you have and this post was published in 2015 but now I have updated the post in 2016.

Check your links with these superb tools and you can also use these tools to analyze your competitor's links to see where they are getting links and on which content. ( Pretty useful )

Currently gained: 1329 Visitors, 4 Comments, and 60 Shares.

(10) 5 Mistakes SEOs Still Make With Links & Content

SEO Mistakes

This Post is about SEO Mistakes which everyone is making with links and Content you should check out this post to make sure you are not making any of these mistakes.

Note: This post on (SEO Mistakes) was a Guest Post which was Contributed by technocrab.com author.
you can also contribute your guest post please check out our guest post guidelines here write for this blog :)

Currently Gained: 1311 visitors and 75 Shares.

Thanks for your Support 

Thanks for Supporting our blog (without you, it was not possible to make this blog that much popular) and we hope you will keep supporting this blog in future also.

Have a Good day and may god give you and your family all the happiness in this year (2016) and in all the upcoming years :)


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