4 January 2016

On-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Ranking in 2016

On Page SEO Techniques are the Best to Boost your Ranking on First Page in Search Engines and On Page SEO Techniques in 2016 will also Increase User Experience.as they Force you to Write a Quality Content

On-Page SEO Techniques
As we all know Doing SEO is very Important to achieve higher Ranking in Search Engines but many Peoples don,t Focus much on On-Page SEO Techniques Because they Think On-Page SEO is Not as Important as Off-Page SEO

But Believe me you are Totally wrong because both are Equally Important you have to do both to make Google and Other top Search Engines fall in love with your Site.

So Let,s Start with the Basic to make it Easier for new SEOs/Bloggers.

What is On Page SEO and what is Off Page SEO ?

On Page SEO Contains Every Thing we do in Our Site to make Perfectly Optimize Pages like Content , Keywords Research , Sitemap , Images and making a website Responsive and Faster.

Off Page SEO Contains the Optimization we do without touching a Single thing on our Site Like Link Building , Social Media E.t.c

On-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Ranking in 2016

                                        Content Optimization

Content Length

Content Length Plays a Big Role in Content Optimization Because the more Detailed Article you will write the more Quality it will Provide to the User and more Users will engage with your Content.

Always write your Content in more details than your Competitors & and Remember Don,t write for you write for your Audience and after writing your Article ask your Self is your Article is Better than your Competitors Because without Creating a Better Content than your Competitors you Can,t Out Rank them.

So Don,t write Small Article like in 300 to 500 Words Because i think No One can Describe the detail about any topic in Under 500 words So i would say the Right Length for your Article Should be in 1000 to 2500 Words.

I know it,s not Easy to Create a Detailed Article but you can,t achieve anything without hard work.

External Quality Linking

Always Link to Other Sites where is Necessary. your Audience will like this because they want a Article which Provides everything about the topic they are Searching for so it will give them Opportunity to Get more Information on the Topic.

And Google trust those Sites more which Links to Other Trusted Sources Because it helps google to Understand your Post Topic more Easily by Analyzing External Links.

But keep in mind Link to Only Those Sites which are Trusted like which are not Spamming and also Don,t do too much External linking like you write 1000 words article then you can give 5 - 8 External Link

Visual Content

Use Visual Content in your Blog Posts Because Visual Content Increase User Experience which is the one of the important Signal to Google.

Not only that Visual Content also Influence Peoples to Share your Content on Social Media which will increase your Social Traffic.

                                        Keyword Optimization

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the Percentage of the Keyword you Put in your Article.

And many new Bloggers make this Mistake they Place their Keyword too much time in their Article but placing your Keyword Again and Again is also one of the Biggest mistake which can hurt your ranking on Search Engines.

So Keep your Keyword Density 2% to 3% or if there is more need like your Sentence can,t Complete without Keyword them Make it Max to 4% to Avoid any Decrease in Search Engines ranking.

Keyword in Meta Tag and Meta Description

Using Keyword in Meta Description and Meta Tag will help your Post to Rank well for that Keyword in Search Engines.

Meta tag is not Necessary for Google but Other Search engines like Yahoo & Bing Use it But Meta Description is Important for Every Search Engines So Must place your Keyword in it

Keyword in H1 Tag

Maybe you don,t know what is H1 Tag Because it,s not Shared Much by Top Sites because Platform Like WordPress and Tumbler Use it by Default in the Post Title but Some Platforms Still Not Using it as a Post Title.

Blogger Use H1 Tag when you add a Main Heading in your Post So if you are Using Blogger Must Put Your keyword in your Main Post Heading.

Keyword in Images Alt Tag

Must Use your Keyword in your Images Alt Tag to make it Easier for Google to Index your Images with your Keyword it will Help your Post to get traffic from Google Images Search.

And If you Use Attractive Images with Right Keyword then you can get Hundreds of Visitors from Google & Other Search Engines images Search.

                                           URL Optimization

Keep your URL  Short and Clean

Keeping URL Clean and Short will Look more Professional and will Improve the Chances of Higher Ranking for your Targeted Keyword and will also look good in Search Engines which will turn into more clicks by Search Users.

This mean,s you will get higher C.t.R (Click Through Rate) which is also a Effective Signal to Search engines to Boost Ranking for that Result.

Good URLs vs Bad URLs

Bad URLs  : 
  • xyz.com/74847948774      (Don,t use Numbers in yout URL) 
  • xyz.com/your-keyword-more-more-more  ( Don,t use long URL )
Good URLs :
  • xyz.com/your-targeted-keyword    ( Keep your URL Keyword in Three words )
  • xyz.com/2016/01/your-Keyword    ( you can use date in URLs ) For News Sites

Keyword in URL

Use your targeted Keyword in your URL,s as you can See how to use keyword in the above Examples.

Other Important On-Page Optimization

Site Speed 

Good Speed Sites Rank Better than Slower Sites Because Slower Sites Decrease User Experience which is a Very bad Signal to Google and that,s why Google Down rank Slow Sites and According to Case Studies : 67% User want a Site to Load in less than 4 Seconds.

So Make your Site Faster to Get Higher Rank in Search Engines and to improve User experience of your Site.

Responsive Design

Make your Site Responsive with Every Device Like Smartphones , Tablets , Computers to make your Site visitors happy which will lead to they will spend more time on your site and also google is now ranking those sites higher which are Friendly with every device.


Having Sitemap is very Necessary and it just help your site to get Index by Search Engines and to make sure Search engines Know about all of your Site Pages and not a Single page is missed.

you can use XML Sitemap it,s just better than other sitemaps.

Wrapping Up

These are the most important On-Page SEO Techniques which are Necessary for your Site to Get Higher Ranking on Search Engines in 2016.

If you know about more On-Page SEO Techniques which are Important share them in Comments i will like to Checkout them.


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