25 December 2015


How to Make Money by Writing Articles From Home

Wanna make money online by writing articles from home there are several ways to get paid like by doing blogging, freelancing, ghost writing , journals & eBook

Make Money by Writing Articles

Writing can be a great career. Why am I saying so?

Today Internet gives you an opportunity to make money online through writing articles from your home.

There are various ways through which you get paid writing all kinds of article.

The best part of this job is that you are your own boss. You can do this work from the comfort of your bedroom.

Moreover, you don’t have to commute and you or anyone could start writing articles. However, you must know how to write good articles. Quality matters here. So if you are a novice writer looking out for a career then do read this article.

6 Ways to Make Money by Writing Articles From Home

Don,t stay in bed unless you can make money in bed - George Burns

(1) Blogging  ( Writing for your Own Blog )

Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Blogging is for all age groups. This is the simplest and fastest way to get started. You can start a blog or a website and Can Start making money from your home. 

You just need to do is Identify your hobby and express it in your blog. If you have passion for music or gadgets then you can start writing on these given topics. 

You got to bring traffic (or visitors) on to your blog endlessly. Then you can join Google Adsense program and show ads on your blog.

Checkout this post for adsense approval : How to Get Verified Adsense Account

You get paid whenever someone clicks on those ads. The more visitors you receive more income you will generate. Your income would depend upon the hard work you are putting into blogging, income could be $100, $500, $1000 and even $10,000 a month Depends on how much traffic you get in your blog.
Yes, it is that easy.  However, I must warn you today blogging is not what it used to be. Now it has become tough because of competition. Thousands of bloggers around the world join blogosphere every day. 

You will be competing for the same niche that others are. So don’t take it lightly. 

(2) Freelance Writing

If you don’t want to be a blogger then there is another way out. 

What about freelance writing? Honestly, freelancing jobs have become very popular on the internet. It is not necessary that you have to be a writer but you can be anything and find great freelancing jobs on the internet. 

However here we will limit ourselves to only freelance writing. So how do you make money with freelance writing? 

Well! There are many websites like www.upwork.com and www.fiverr.com where you can find all kinds of freelancing jobs. 

Here you need to Signup as a freelance writer who is looking for a job. Then choose what kind of writer you are. Go for copywriting or web content because they are easy to start with. Complete your profile and wait for offers till they start coming in.
Hire's need writers like you for their own publication. Your profile must be completed in Professional way and up to date so that you have more chances for being hired.  

If you get an offer to write articles then you must strike a deal that is best for you. Look out which hire'r is willing to pay you most. If you agree then you have to finish your project and submit it to the hire'r. 

You will get paid via PayPal.

(3) Contributor to a Website 

If you are not into freelancing because you want to write for someone you know then you can become a contributor for a particular website. 

There are many website owners who are looking for writers who don,t have time to write for their website. 

I had wrote for many such websites and I knew the owner of the site personally. Unlike freelance writer where you don’t have any conversation with your hire'r here you can talk to the owner of the website personally. 

You can talk about the rates that he is willing to pay. The owner of the website will pay you per word you write. This is also known as guest blogging. First you write one or two articles and if the owner of the site likes your article then he or she may like to contact you personally. 

At that time you can talk and can fix the rates. which are good for both.

(4) Online Web Journals

There are number of web journals where you can write as a writer and get paid. You get paid every week or month you write an article. You can write articles on myriads of issues like politics, health, science, sports, beauty, religion, dating, cooking, travelling etc. 

Different journals offer you different rates. These journals are ready to pay anything from $100 to $250 for an article you write. 

However, to write for these publications you have to be fairly good writer. First you have to contact these online journals via email and send them your writings. If they like what you have written then they might accept you as a writer for their online magazine.

(5) Online Newspapers and Other Publications 

Online Writing for mainstream newspapers is quite different from rest of the ways we mentioned above.Here you have to write for online version of a newspaper. You get paid for each word you write. 

Writing for online newspapers is not at all like writing for your blog or even freelance writing. Here you have to be a serious writer only then mainstream newspapers would accept your work. As far payment is concerned you can make anything from $500 to $10,000 per story you write.

(6) Writing eBook & Selling it Directly

Writing Ebook & Selling it
If you find writing for web journals and newspapers too boring then you can start writing eBooks. You write eBooks and sell them online via various vendor platforms like Clickbank, Commission Junctions, Amazon Kindle etc.

However selling something like ebook is very hard. You have to write eBooks that are very good so people can buy it. 

People are not willing spend even a dime for something useless. Your eBook must solve people’s problem. They must find the right thing in your book that they were looking for.

You can sell an eBook for just 5 dollar to 10 dollar. You will make money as for every copy you sell. 

Wrapping up

These are the top ways to Get Paid by Writing Articles online and if you have Writing Skill you will hundreds of Dollars every Months.

So Give these ways a try to make some money maybe one of these methods become a one of the Big Earning Source for you to make a living by working online.

If you know about any more ways to make money by Writing articles share them in Comment i will love to try them.

About Guest Author! 

Pritam Nagrale is the founder of MoneyConnexion where he provides hundreds of similar ideas on make money topics. He is making full time income on internet from the last 10 years. If you want to make money online then you can follow MoneyConnexion.


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