27 November 2015


Tools For SEO: 9 Best Free SEO Tools in 2016 (Updated)

Most efficient and best free tools for SEO. these are my favorite seo optimization tools check them out yourself.

SEO Tools

Want to know the best tools for SEO?

Of course you do!

I am not going to bore you with so many tools so i have chooses only the best SEO tools.

So just give me your five minutes and you will know about the list my favorite seo tools

Without wasting any time lets start!

In terms of getting started in today’s SEO world, Bloggers have enough resources in hand. To stay at the front of the competition.

over time it has been made much easier and the credit for this goes to the different SEO tools.

For handling website optimization, or business blog you need the top SEO tools to use.

These tools will save your energy and considerable time and also provide easy solutions to your website problems.

9 Best Tools for SEO in 2016 ( Only the Best )

#1 Moz Toolbar ( Recommended )

With updates on PR becoming more erratic, for every marketer it is crucial in finding ways of accessing a website’s quality that he/she is dealing with. Here Moz Toolbar will prove handy.

This tool will offer different indicators which will aid one in determining whether a website is worth receiving a link from. Page Authority and Domain Authority are two vital indicator.

  • #2 Ahrefs  ( Best Backlink Checker tool )

    Ahrefs is another SEO tool to assess deep linking data. It is one of the finest tools with respect to gathering information on any domain or to analyze one’s backlink profile. Hence the next time one is planning to purchase a website or a dropped domain, they should use Ahrefs for availing an improved indication of inbound links.

    #3 Buzzstream  ( Best tools for Outreach & more ) 

    For people who make simple outreach or need to regularly contact webmasters should make the most of Buzzstream. This is an SEO tool par excellence. A business owner will be capable of keeping every contact detail concerning the webmaster they interact with along with links to their own website.

    Buzzstream will provide them with different features like prospecting for links as well as analyzing those links. An interesting feature about this tool is all the data will remain in one place. It will be of great help during making decisions . This tool is highly recommended to those who desires in taking the game of SEO seriously.

    #4 Screaming Frog  ( Best for On-page Optimization )

    Especially for those business owners who are serious regarding their on-page optimization should try Screaming Frog. This SEO tool will allow them in finding duplicate content within their page, creating Meta description and also creating detailed SEO audit of their page. Screaming Frog will crawl their website and present them with on-page errors if any, which may be hurting their ranking.

    #5 Who Dot Is ( not a SEO tool )

    This is a great tool for checking domain credentials. It will help one in checking every detail of the website, such as who is the domain owner, when it was registered, where it is hosted and who actually is the registrar.

    #5 Dead Link Checker ( Help to fix your broken links )

    This tool can dead one’s website, hence in order to keep the rank of their website at the top on Google searches they should utilize deadlinkchecker websites.

    #6 Copyscape.com ( Check the content Originality )

    Copyscape is a highly popular SEO tool used by maximum companies. It is a free tool used for checking plagiarism or discovering copied content in one’s blog/article. For instance.

    If one is a newbie and their writing style is not up to the mark they can paste their content in Copyscape to check if they have used any copied content. With the help of this tool one can filter copied links and contents easily.

    #7 Moonsy.com 

    This is an extremely popular site for gathering all information concerning a website. Using Moonsy one can find out information on any blog and utilizing its backlink checker they can discover any website’s backlinks and utilizing the domain age checker they can discover any domain age.

    that also add them in SEO in different ways. With Moonsy keyword checker one can check the position of the keyword in the search result of Google and also in Bing as well as other search result,

    #8 GTmetrix   ( Best Speed Optimization Tool )

    To have a tool for examining page speed and diagnosing opportunities for enhancement now has turned into a crucial component of the search engine optimization toolkit. In fact anything which will impact the user experience will impact SEO and the speed of the website is a big thing for UX particularly for mobile. Although there are many pages-speed tools available today, but GTmetrix is the most reliable. Not only this, it will is also user-friendly.

    #9 RocketRanking  

    Rocket Ranking is an all-encompassing search engine optimization solution. This tool will work wonders in helping startups and small businesses in increasing their site traffic daily. In fact, with its on-page optimizer, social media like/follow tool.

    backlink counter, an backlink builder and keyword profit calculator, a small business is capable of gaining the social recognition and clout needed for receiving higher rankings. This starts out absolutely free and can be upgraded later for a very nominal fee

    Final Thought

    The world of computing technology today is littered with SEO tools. Wading through the ocean of SEO tools along with judging the finest of the lot will be a tremendous job.

    Yet thankfully people can count and rely on best SEO reviews to select from the best. With the help of power-packed tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, Buzzstream, Screaming Frog, Who.Is, Dead link checker, Copyscape, Moonsy, GT metrix and Rocket Ranking amid others have been publicized as an website’s lifeline. 

    SEO is an indispensable component of business/brand promotion. These services offer the brand the needed recognition and also keeps the same view of prospective buyers. To enjoy an efficient  website optimization an entrepreneur or webmaster requires SEO tools.

    But it is only the best search engine optimization tools which can satisfactorily serve the purpose. Apart from the aforementioned SEO tools there are many more in the SEO realm.

    These are some of the best and most effective tools which deserve special mention. The bottom line is to conduct a proper research and make the most of the best SEO tools. All the best!

    Author Bio :
    This article is written by Sophia Smith she has elaborately explained on the top 9 useful search engine optimization tools. She is working with Submit2Rank. Proffessional SEO service provider in India. she is using the tools to get desire results for her clients.


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