8 September 2016


7 Best Free Tools For Creating Infographics "Today"

Photoshop is now a past tool for Creating Infographics now there are free tools for creating Infographics which are specially designed to Create best Infographics for Free.

Free Tools For Creating Infographics

Making Infographics can be difficult if you don,t know about the right tools because without tools you have to do everything yourself and it takes lots of time.

But by using the right tools you can create Infographics 10 time faster and you can make it thousand times more beautiful and more Professional.

Well! before I share those tools I would like to ask you these simple questions.

Do you know!
How to create an Infographics? 
Which tool is best to Create Infographics?
Do you have any experience in creating an Infographics?

Your Answer might be a big No. Is it?  Don,t worry I can help you in this.

Why are Pro Sites using Infographics in their Content?

You might notice many Sites use Infographics in their Content. but do you know why they use them?

Well! Many blogs and websites use them for different reasons and Different purpose. OK below are most conman reasons peoples use them on their content, Landing pages, and much more.

Few Reasons:

  • Visual Appealing: Using Infographics as Visual content would be awesome because they can make boring text into an interesting Visual Graphics and peoples love them because they are easy to understand.
  • Save Time: Blogger also uses them to save the time of their loyal readers because even a small infographics can describe thousands of words.
  • Link Building: Posts which contains goods Infographics get 456% more links from other sites So many bloggers also them for Building Links for their website.
  • Marketing: Marketers love Infographics because it is the simplest way to market your website. Now you might be thinking how? well! creating a Infographics and adding your site logo in the end and then giving permission to your readers that they can use them commercially and you are giving them copyrights. then many bloggers will publish it on their website and you will get a link and your site logo on that Infographics.

7 Best Free Tools for Creating Infographics

(1) Visme.co

Visme is a Newly Launched Tool to Create Awesome Infographics and there are lot,s of Designed Templates are also Available which will Make it Easy for you to Create your Infographics Easily Without any Designing Skills.

Visme Offer Both Paid & Free version Free Version is also Superb You Can First Try this Tool with the Free Version But Visme Only Offers 3 Free Templates So if you want to Unlock More Templates Then you can Upgrade your Account.

(2) Visual.ly

Visually is Currently One of the Most Popular Tool to Create any Type of Infographics and There are also Hundreds of Free Templates Available and you can also Other Stuffs Like Ebook , Presentation , Interactives and Even Videos by Using Visually.

Check this Video is also Build By Visually :) Really Impressive Work
The Economy of Coca-Cola

(3) Canva

Canva is also Used For Creating Infographics and It,s Also good But It,s Awesome For Designing Images I have Not See a Better Tool to Design Images than Canva.

In Simple Words, Canva Can Make anyone like you and me a Superb Images Designer without any Experience or Skills.

(4) Pick To Chart

Pick to Chart is Mostly Used by Those Peoples who want to Create Static or Chart Infographics Because it has Some Unique and Good Looking Chart,s Creating tool Which Other Infographics Sites Still Don,t Have.

Pick to Chart have more than 400 Professional Infographics Templates Which are Fully Designed and you have full Access to Customize them According to yourself to Make them Even Better for you :) .

(5) Infogr.am

Infogr is also One of Awesome Tool I have Ever Used and Offers a High Variety of Graphs , Maps and also give you Opportunity to Upload your Own Background/Example Picture and Videos.

Infogr Software Can Also Customize your Data to Represent a New Good Looking Infographics which will be a Sample of Perfectionist Work. So that,s make This Tool Awesome.

(6) Easel.ly

Easel.ly offers Dozens of Templates for Free Users Which Can be Customize According to your Need to Make Them more Suitable for your Site Audience.

You Get So many Tools to Customize your Template Easily like Shapes , Arrows , Fonts , Colors , Text Format , Style , and Free Graphics and Much More.

(7) Google Developers

Well! Google Developer is Not a Infographics Tool But if we want to Create a Live Data in Our Infographics or Images for Our Blog then I Think Google Developer is Best to do that Work.

Google Chart,s are Simply Awesome and the Most Amazing thing about Google Developer is it,s Too Easy to Use I Think 12 year Old Kid can also use it Easily.

Wrapping it Up

These all are Best free tools for Creating Infographics which look awesome and all these Tools have Easy Designing bar So Even Beginners Can Also Create their Own Custom Infographics easily without any Difficulty.

And I am Sure you will Like Using These Tools  and you will be able to Create an Infographics. 


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