13 October 2015

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5 Mistakes SEOs Still Make With Links & Content

In this article we Shared the Top SEO Mistakes about links and content which almost everyone is making (SEO Pro,s also) So it,s Time to Improve your SEO

Mistakes SEO,s Still Makes
The key to being an effective SEO professional is to do it correctly and refrain from some common sins. These days a lot many online marketers have adopted SEO. However, they do themselves more harm than benefit by committing some dreadful SEO mistakes.

The users who search through the different search engines mostly prefer organic results. If your webpage features in the top search results of the SERP’s, there is a great chance of getting a higher CTR (click-through rate). Thus, more traffic can be generated to your site. However, an SEO must keep in mind a few things to make this happen.

There are largely two sides of an effective SEO
We are only concerned with the second, in this article.

Now we are giving the 5 common errors which even SEO experts are making which should be avoided to make SEO better. They are as follows:

Making Rich Anchor Text Links

This is a common SEO mistake to make rich anchor text links, which are obviously bad for your site. A recent post on Penguin anchor text case study has revealed that a site can get higher rankings without having to build rich Links.

A site that just launched recently, the anchor text entered at the last, was ranked within the top four phrases of the searched keyword. This surely implies that for any site, the terms can rank high, only if you rotate the anchor text properly. Remember to not make the anchor text richer than 30% and try to vary it. This is due to the reason that nobody would link to your site having rich anchor text, each and every time. Believe us or not, we got a good rank for terms like ‘online poker’ and ‘insurance quotes’ by making relevant, non-rich text links. And whenever we build the rich text anchor links, we try to do as many variations as we can.

Structuring Numerous Links Very Quickly

You actually, don’t require too many Links to rank for commonly used terms. What is really needed is time. It’s because slow and steady always wins the race and SEO is no different. Look at the Doctor650 site for instance. Not only did they use minimal rich anchor text links, but they also used minimal links on the whole. We say this as we have tried this with most used keywords and noticed that the right way to rank high in SEO is to not use numerous links. Rather, try to build authoritative links.

In fact, I can tell you of a Marcus Taylor, who built 10K links within 24 hours and resultantly rose to the first rank in Google. But, his joy was short-lived as he was pushed down quite forcefully for building excessive amount of links, just within three weeks. Google’s algorithm is difficult as it knows how fast the sites usually build links. Thus, a link growing at an abnormal pace would not rank well.

Building excessive Links to your Homepage

Have you ever considered what part of your links is going to your homepage as compared to the internal pages? Have you ever checked the link profile of similar sites in your domain?

In our opinion, try building majority of your links to the internal pages instead of building to your homepage. Wikipedia, which is the 6th most popular site on the Internet and ranks for almost every term searched for. But, did you know that Wikipedia has over 600 million backlinks, while its homepage has just six million. It is clear that a mere 1% of all the links direct a user to their homepage and the rest 99% direct them to the internal pages. Thus, it is wiser to build more links to the internal pages than to the homepage.

Putting up Mediocre Content 

There are many good sites like eHow which have a plethora of content and rank well for majority of terms on Google. They also have millions of backward links.

Yes. They’re doing nicely. But, still their content strategy lacks vision and is not worth replicating. Their content is at the most mediocre and lacks in elements. In reality, Google favors ranking those web pages that contain a minimum of 2000 words on its first page. Thus, you can now understand how important it is to display high quality content on your site. It isn’t said for nothing in SEO, “Content is the King.”

Links create Authority

If your website has been classified as an authority site, the site will rank better. So now, everyone wants their site to be an authority site. And to achieve this, getting more and more links is what is required. But, we say that this is not the only technique. There are three more effective techniques for this which are as mentioned below:

  • Social media – Using social media to your advantage is an excellent way of ranking your site higher. This includes getting more likes, tweets and shares. Both Bing and Google have already mentioned that they search for social signals.
  • Age of the site – It has commonly been observed that sites that were built earlier tend to rank higher irrespective of the number of backlinks they have. Thu, if you want to start a new venture and also want to rank higher in search engines, look to buy an existing site of your domain that is at least 5 years old.   
  • Rank of Author – Google has the algorithm to verify authors, which implies that it can track who is a good author and who is not. Even if your site doesn’t contain too many links, you can still get it to rank high if your content author writes blogs with authority.


SEO is a continually varying game and if you have to stay up-to-date in order to remain in it. We advice not to take any shortcuts in SEO. It is truly said that “Slow and steady really does win the SEO race.”

The thing I’ve personally noticed through every Google update was that superior content always ranks high and gets high amount of traffic.


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