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11 September 2015

The Pro,s and Con,s of Cloud Based Web Services

Cloud Based Web Services

Web services are essential for any small or large business savvy techies. Cloud computing is a big wave of change in the web systems of many organizations.

To be precise the cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing where servers, storage and applications are delivered directly through the internet. It does not require personal devices or local servers. For this reason, the web services for cloud computing are always famous.

Pros of Cloud-Based web services

  1. Flexible: A shift in business plan can be done very quickly even with the largest enterprises and innovation springs. Bringing data and records from one system to the other system is pretty convenient. It can be very effective even for government agencies when efforts are taken to consolidate departments. The transition can happen much faster with the systems in cloud.
  2. Cost effective: It is the most cost-effective method to maintain, use and upgrade. A lot of financial resources could be saved to deploy, purchase and set up an infrastructure. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses there is lack of time and money. The on-demand cloud resources can reduce extreme investments in supporting systems that lower the IT expenses of the company. The pay-as-you-go option makes it reasonable for most of the organizations.
  3. Unlimited storage: There is almost unlimited capacity in cloud computing. You need not worry about the reduction in storage capacity or increasing storage space availability. 
  4. Common user experience: The user experience and support is same for anyone located in any location. Whether the worker is on the desk or working from home, the user gets a common experience from the cloud. The accessibility will be enhanced due to its productivity. 
  5. Disaster recovery: The sophisticated backup platforms will allow to kick in automatically even after a drop in the systems.

While these were some great benefits you could get from Cloud-based services, there is some drawback from the services as well. Some of the major drawbacks are listed below.

Cons of Cloud-based web services

  1. Homogenized: This is one of the fears about cloud-based services that it is built to lowest common denominator. That is, it levels up the services for all business customers. 
  2. Security: Organizations that rely on cloud-based services are more concerned about the security and availability of services. There can be security breaches in cloud-based services, the implications of which are really adverse. Since the company’s sensitive information are surrendered to third-party cloud service providers there is always fear about hack attacks and threats.
  3. Technical issues: The system can experience some serious technical issues (Of course technology is always prone to errors). Though the service providers are kept at high standards of maintenance, possibilities are such that you will get stuck due to connectivity and network problems. 

Though the cloud platforms can fail due to these reasons, the benefits actually outnumber. While opting for the cloud-based service,s you should always plan about which of the business processes can be halted and how that can be avoided.

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