25 August 2015


9 Best Ways to Monetize your Blog Effectively [Earn More Money]

Are you Earning Money with your Blog If not and Searching to Monetize your Blog Effectively then give the Post a Try. and start earning decent ammount

Best Ways to Monetize your Blog
Hey Guys..... As we know Many Blogger want to Monetize Their Blog to Make Money Online some just for Pocket Money and Some even want to make a living with their blog but Many of them Failed to Monetize their Blog Because they Don,t know what is the Best way to Monetize their Blog.

So are you also Worried....?   and Having one of these Questions.

How can i Monetize my blog?
Which Monetizing way can Make me a Good Income?
What is the Best way to Monetize a Blog. 

So if want to know About Monetizing a Blog then you are at right Place just keep Reading.
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9 Best ways to Monetize a Blog

(1) Google Adsense

Google adsense is the First Choice for Every New Blogger to Start Earning Money with their Blog and Of-course it is a Good way to Monetize a Blog. it is a Per per Click Program That Mean the More Click you get on Ads the more you Earn. (More Click = More Earning)
Pro,s of Google Adsense
  • Own by Google and Trusted by Millions of Peoples
  • Higher Click Per Rate
  • No Maximum Cashout Limit.
Con,s of Google Adsense
  • Minimum Cash-out is $100
  • Not Much Payment Option
  • Any Time your Account can be Suspended for a Single Mistake without a Notice.

(2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a Really Great way to Earn a handsome Amount with your Blog and Almost Every Top Blogger Love Affiliate Marketing Because it is Very Profitable and you Don,t Need Make your Blog full of ads. In Affiliate Marketing you just Need to Find a Good Popular Product with High Commission Rate and Then Just you have to Share That Affiliate Link That,s it. Then Your Earning Totally Depends on How many People Sign up with your Link.

Pro,s of Affiliate Marketing
  • High Commission Per Sign up
  • Less Minimum Payout Almost with Every Product.
Con,s of Affiliate Marketing
  • Can,t make Enough money without a High Traffic or a Trusted Blog.
  • Some Niche,s Product Does not Offer a Good Commission.
  • Sharing Poor Product Link Can Destroy your Blog Reputation.
  • Chances of Getting Scammed with Some Products.

(3) Direct Advertising

Direct Ads
Direct Advertising means you deal with Someone to show his Product or Site Ads on your Blog for Some Amount Like $50 Per Month and Direct Advertising Profit Depends on How much Traffic you get Daily So i Can,t Say a Fix Price it,s Totally Depends on your Site Traffic.

Pro,s of Direct Advertising
  • Can Get a Good Income by Selling Three or More Ad Spaces.
  • No Scams
Con,s of Direct Advertising
  • Getting Advertisers is not Much Easy for a low Traffic Blog.

(4) Writing Product Reviews  (Paid Posts)

Writing Product Reviews is Really an Awesome and my Favorite way to Earn a Handsome Amount Usually with a Normal Traffic Blog Can Get $50 to $100 Per Post you Just Have to Review a Product and Then Contact to the Product Owner or Company to Get a Paid Post and Tell them that you are Interested in a Paid Post and Tell them your Price and Then Deal with it.

Then Write a Post in Detail and Publish it then after Publishing Share the Article Link to the Product Company then they will check your Post and then they will Send your Money in your Paypal or in a Bank Account Choice is yours.

Pro,s of Paid Posts
  • Pays a Great Amount for 3 to 5 Hours of work.
  • Dose not matter how many Peoples buy that Product from your Site Link.
  • After Publishing post you will Get Paid in Less than 48 hours.
Con,s of Paid Posts
  • Writing Low Quality Product Reviews Can Ruin your Reputation.
  • In Some Niches Getting Paid Post is not easy.

(5) Build Email List

Build Email List
Building Email List is really a Difficult Task Because you have to Provide Something Special Which Other Blogger are not Providing in Simple words you have to Create a Content which Force Peoples to say WOW and to Subscribe to your Email list So it is Clear that it is Some what Difficult But if you Success in Building a good Email List then you Just Open a Way to Earn a Great Income and you even don,t have to work hard to earn money.

Example : you Collected Email list of 2000 Peoples and Then mail to the Whole list about any Popular Product Latest Discount Offer with your Affiliate Link then Imagine 5 Peoples Buy That Product via Your Affiliate Link and Product Pe Commission is $30 Then you Simply Made $30 X 5 = $150 by Doing Just 5 Minutes of work.   So Don,t you Think it,s Great.

Pro,s of Building Email List
No Con,s of Email List :)

(6) BuySell ads

Buysell ads Monetize a Blog
Buysell ads are also Similar to Direct Advertising But It,s More Profitable Because Buysell is a Site Which helps you to Get Advertisers to your Blog Who Pays you a High amount for the site Space and it,s More Trusted and More Profitable and it,s Like Guaranteed That your Site Space Always be Full with High Quality Advertisers So Must Try it and Even Pro Bloggers are Saying it is Better than Adsense or any Other Advertising Network.

But There is Difficulty in Getting Approval From Buysell Ads they Only Approve Sites with Huge Traffic if you want to Get approve from buysell Ads Then your Site Traffic Should must be at Least 50000+ Visitors Per Month. ( Yes it is 50000+ Per Month :(   )

Pro,s of Buysell Ads
  • Pays High Price for ads Space
  • Don,t Need to Worry for Advertisers
Con,s of Buysell Ads
  • Getting Approval is Not Easy.

(7) Sell Services (Hire Me) 

If you are Good in any Online Skills Like Graphics Designing , Content Writing , Marketing , Blogging , Logo Designing or any Other Skill Then Offer Others to Hire you for getting their work done.  you can do this By Creating a Page on your blog that you are Selling your Skills and Give them Different Offers with Different Prices and start with a low Price to Show your Work and then you can Increase Prices when you start getting Decent Numbers of Offers.

(8) Create Own Product & Sell It

If you are Failing to Make Money with your Blog with Everything then Create your Own Products Like E-Books , Themes , Plugins , Info or any Other things it,s Depends on your Skill you have to Find out in which Skill you are Good then Create your Product and Sell it your Blog for Few Dollars. Don,t make your Product Price Expensive just Offer it in a Cheap Price and then when your Product Start Get Popular you can Increase your Product Price.

Pro,s of Creating own Product
  • You will get Money for you Hard Work.
  • Peoples will More Likely to Come on your Blog on Daily Basis
  • Build your Online Reputation
  • Make You Famous in your Blog Niche

(9) Related Post Widget (Out Brain)

Outbrain is also a Good way for Effective Monetizing Which give Results Fast. Outbrain is Related Post Widget which Shows Third Party Blog Post Link in the Related Post Widget at the End of your Blog Post.

And If you are Thinking that Third Party Link will be Low Quality then you are Wrong OutBrain is Very Strict about the Quality of Links so those links are not any type of low Quality Site links and the links will be Highly Related with your blog niche Which will help to Get more Click on the Links.

Final Words

These are the Best way to Monetize a blog for Good Income and i am Sure you will Like the Above ways to Monetize your Blog. So Must Give them a Try.

If you know any other Good way to Monetize a Blog then Please Share them below in Comment i will Love to Know about them.

If this Post helps you then Please Share it on Social Media with your Friends :)


  1. I stopped using Adsense for a long time. Affiliate programs make you alot more money and you can do this with direct intext links. People dont want to click on ads anymore and most of them use adblockers nowadays.

    1. Yes you are Right for Some Niches Adsense is not a Good Option like my Niche and yes Affiliate marketing is Best.

      Thanks for Comment.


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