23 June 2015


How Guest Blogging Can Help to Grow your Blog

Guest Blogging is Best way to Get High Traffic on Your Blog and also Can Increase Your Blog Brand Reputation

Did you have Ever heard about Guest Blogging? i think you had... Right?

Because it,s a very Common Thing and i Think Every Top and New Bloggers do Guest Blogging to Steal other Related Niches Blogs Traffic to Their Blog.

Guest Posting,Guest Blogging

And if you are Planning to Start a Brand New Blog or you have a Blog which is not Much Popular then you Should Start Doing Guest Blogging.

So if you are new to Blogging and Don,t Know about Guest Blogging Benefit,s and How to do in well manner way then Let me tell you Little Bit about it

First of  all Lets Start a Basic.

What is Guest Blogging?

When you Write a Post for Other Blog and Request them to Publish it on Their Blog is Called Guest Blogging and you Should also allow Other to Write Their Guest Post for your Blog By Just Creating a Page that you are Accepting a Guest Posts 

Like i Did it. Checkout this Page : Write for Us

What These Top Bloggers are Saying About Guest Blogging

Neil Patel   : Founder of Quicksprout
Guest Blogging by Neil Patel

Leo Widrich : Founder of Buffer
Guest Blogging Quote by Leo Widrich

How Guest Blogging Can Help to Grow your Blog

Benefits of Doing Guest Blogging

1 : Drive Lots of Traffic

Guest Blogging is one of the Proven way to Drive Huge Traffic On your Blog By Stealing Other Related Niche Blogs Traffic and  Even Some Top Bloggers are Getting Huge Traffic From it One of the Best Example is Neil Patel,s QuickSprout.com Blog it Get,s More than 5,00,000 Visitors Per Month by their Guest Posts.

2 : Improve,s Search Engine Ranking

To be Frank now Guest Blogging Dose Not Impact Much on Search Engine Ranking and Even Recently Google Announced That Guest Blogging is Dead for SEO But If you do it in a Proper way then It can Improve your Search Ranking a lot.

3 : Increase Brand Reputation

Building Brand Reputation is a Best way to Grow your Blog and Guest Blogging is One of the Great way to Build your Brand Reputation and Even if you are Not Running a Business Blog you Still Need a Reputation Because your Blog is your Brand So Don,t treat it Just Like a blog. it,s your Brand.

4 : Increase Fan Following

Every One Knows For any Small Thing Thousands of Fan,s are Needed to Make it Big So Try to Write an Epic Content For Guest Blogging to Start Building your Fans Following and Guest Blogging Can Give you Some Real Fans Not Just Those Fans Who Just Hit Like on your Social Media Pages. The True Fans who are Always Hungry for your New Upcoming Content on your Blog.

5 : Increase Trust of your Blogs

People More Likely to Trust on Those Blogs Which are Seen on Some Top Blogs and as you know Guest Blogging will Help a lot in This Because in Guest Post you will Get a Link to Your Blog and also Some Links to your Social Media accounts.

Few Thing to Remember While Doing Guest Blogging

  • Good Traffic Blog : Find out Some Good Traffic Blog to Submit your Post.
  • Must Ask for Link : First Before Sending your Guest Post to Other Blogs Must Ask Them to Give a Link to your Site. it will Drive Lot,s of Traffic to your Blog.
  • Do Follow Link : Only Do Guest Blogging for Those Blogs which are Giving a Do Follow Links It will Increase Little bit Search Engine Ranking and Ask for Link in Article body Mean,s Link Between Content Because Links in Article Body is 10X More Powerful than a Author Bio Link.
  • Write a Epic Post : Many Bloggers Make a Mistake That they Just do Guest Blogging For the Sake of Link and they do not Provide Good Posts for it but if you are also making this Same Mistake Believe me this is not going to Help your Blog and it is the Worst Guest Blogging Mistake So Try Your Best to Make your Guest Post Epic and Helpful Like your Own Blog Posts or Even Better than your Own Blog Post.

Final Words

I Think This is More Than Enough to Understand How Guest Blogging Can Help your Blog and How you Can Do it in a Proper Way.

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So now What you Think about Guest Blogging?  >   Share your Thought in Comments.


  1. I love guest posting but I find it so difficult to find good sites to do it on. Maybe you can make a list of this some time.

    1. to Find Good blogs for Guest Blogging Just Start Searching from Google and you can choose those sites which have Higher Domain Authority and Lower Spam Score.


    2. Hi Raza, in case you would like to do a guest post, please do let me know - http://www.dhakkanz.com/write-for-us/

  2. Really very informative post on Guest Posting,Thanks for sharing !!!


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