31 May 2015


Pogo Sticking - A Major Reason of Decrease in Ranking

Pogo Sticking is a Main Reason of Decrease in Search Engines Ranking and it,s Happen because of dis Satisfaction of Users on Your Site and also because of Poor Content

Did you know what is Pogo Sticking and How you can Solve it?
and yes it,s Hurting your SEO and Ranking?  Let me tell you about it.

First of all Getting Good Ranking in Search Engines is a very Difficult task but keeping your Ranking on top for a long time is much more difficult and Maybe you have noticed Sometimes after getting top Ranking in Google our Post Ranking Decrease in few days and It happen Because of Pogo Sticking : Still Confused what is it?

well let me Explain ......

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What is Pogo Sticking?

Pogo Sticking is Happen when you Search in Google for any thing and then Click on a any Result and Then you think it not the result you are looking for and Before Staying at least 30 Seconds you clicks on Back Button and then Start Looking for another result it,s Called Pogo Sticking

And it tell Google that the site you visited first was not the best Result you were looking for and Then Google down rank that site in Their Search Because Google want,s to Show the Best Results to us to Keep it,s Quality High.

And Remember if your site Pogo sticking Rates is Low then your Competitor Then you will Soon get a Better Ranking then your Competitor maybe not so Fast but will Definitely Even Many SEO Experts Says that if you are already in Google top 10 results then Even High Quality Links can not help you More.

See What Popular Blogger Trim Grace Says.
"If you have enough links to be rank in top 10, you have enough links to be rank on position 1″
 So now you can think yourself that how necessary is this to Decrease Pogo Sticking Rate.

What Happens when you Have High Pogo Sticking Rate?

Does your Blog Have High Pogo Sticking Rate
Now Maybe you are Thinking that Pogo Sticking is Just Decrease Ranking Sometime of your Post but you are Wrong Pogo Sticking is More Dangerous for your Site than you think. (if your blog have high Pogo Sticking Rate Like more than 60% then there are chance to Get :)
  • Google Penalty : Because Google will Think that your Blog is not Helpful for Others
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Low Conversation 
So Don,t Ignore Pogo Sticking Problem you can Solve this Problem.

And Remember Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate are Completely two Different Things.

What are the Main Reasons of Pogo Sticking

So Here are Tops Reasons which are Cause to High Pogo Sticking Rate.
  • Content and title Dose not Match : Example : your Post Title is Like (Download xyz Movie) and in the Post you did not add Download links So Definitely People will go back and it,s the Biggest Reason of it.
  • Low Quality : your post are Low Quality like Don,t have Enough Words or you are not providing the right Knowledge or have Some low Quality Images.
  • Low Site Speed : Low Speed for any blog is really very bad and low Speed can burn a Awesome Site whole Seo.
  • Poor Ux or Design : Poor User Experience or Design can be a Reason People Start Avoiding your Site and it can turn in Pogo Sticking.
  • Grammar Mistakes : No One Like a Blog with full of Grammar Mistake
  • Too Many Popups : Many New Bloggers Use too Many Pop ups Like Subscription Popup, Facebook like Popup or Other Like that for getting more Followers but wait you are Forcing users to click on Back Button .

How to Decrease Pogo Sticking Rate

So Here are the Best ways to Solve Pogo Sticking Problem and to Get a Higher Ranking in Search Engines.
  • Provide Awesome Posts : Try to Writes Detailed and Awesome Post Which Force Users to Say Wow.
  • Improve site Speed : Reducing Loading Time of your Site will help a lot and Neil Patel Says Sites which takes more than 3 Seconds to load they have Twice Pogo Sticking Rate.
  • Use Good Responsive Theme : If you are Using Self Hosted WordPress than Genesis Themes will be Great and if are Using Blogger Than Try Templateism.com Templates.
  • Use Grammarly Plugin : This is Plugin Which can be installed in any Browser and it will Help you to Avoid Grammar and Sentence Mistakes while writing Posts.
  • Don,t Use More Than One Popup : Use Only One Pop up in your site
  • Write List Post : People More Engage on List Post then a Single Point Posts.
  • Add Proper Navigation : Making Proper Navigation is not a way to Decrease Pogo Sticking Rate but it can Help Peoples to Visit your Other Pages So if People Do that than that,s Means your Pogo Sticking Rate is Decreasing So must make Proper Navigation.

Final Words

I Hope This Little Guide Helped you to Understand about Pogo Sticking Problem and How you can Solve it.

Are you also Facing Pogo Sticking Problem Like Many Other Bloggers if Yes Than Share your Experience in Comment and you can ask any Question about Pogo Sticking i will Love to Answer them.


  1. I didnt know this, so Google is actually capable of registering how long we stay on a site? Well ofcourse this is something to expect but that they really use it to determine rankings is new for me. Thank you.

    1. Yes Engagement Matters a lot and it,s the major reason of Decrease or Increase in Search Ranking.


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