22 May 2015

How to Get More Twitter Followers and Engagement Fast

Get More Twitter Followers

If you don,t have Twitter Follower and Still you are not Searching about it then you Should Because Twitter is Most Engaging Social Media Sites for Bloggers and Marketers and Twitter Posts get 2-X more Engagement than Facebook and Google Plus.
Social Media can be one of the best Traffic Source for your blog/website because everyone use social media Like Students, Kids, Adults, Womens, Mans Everyone.

Why you are not getting Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers

Many new bloggers Expect to Get lots of Follower in Twitter by just sharing their Post,s links but hold on you are not Going to Get good amount of Followers by just Sitting in Front of your Computer and expecting to Get Followed.

So let,s talk about getting Followers!

How to Get More Twitter Follower Instantly

Start Following Others to Get Start Getting Followed
Start Following Those Peoples who are Interested in your Niche Like my this Blog Niche is about Blogging and SEO so i will Follow those Peoples who will Love to Read about it and when you Follow Hundred,s Peoples in a Day Then Surly 50% Percent Peoples are Going to Follow you Back.

It,s Like Give and Take Opportunity and Don,t miss it :)

But as Finding Hundred,s of Interested Peoples in Targeted Niche is Little bit difficult So i use two Tools to do this Work Easily.

  • Tweepi : Tweepi is a Free Tools which allow us to Find the Targeted Peoples to Follow Then and it also Have a Feature to un follow those Peoples who are not Following you Back.
  • Buffer : Buffer Helps to Schedule Tweet for the Best Time to Get the Tweets More Engagements.

So Lets First Start With Tweepi

How to Use Tweepi to Follow 100,s of Targeted Peoples in Few Minutes

Go on Tweepi.com and Sign up with your Twitter Account and After then Log in your Account

Now first we have to Learn how to use Tweepi.

Then your Tweepi Dashboard will Open and you will fours big Button,s in top

Get More Twitter Followers with Tweepi
  • Not Following Back : When you click on This button you can all Peoples who are not Following you Back and you can just Un-follow Them.
  • You are not Follow Back : with this you can Those Peoples who are following you but you are not following them.
  • You Follow : these are Those twitter user you are following
  • your Followers : This is whole List of your Followers

But for now let,s come to Point and Find out how you can Follow targeted Peoples.

Now at Same Page below those Four Button you will see ab Option called Follow Followers Now Click on it and new Page will Appears

and in That you will see a bar in That Bar add any twitter User Name which in your Niche and Follow his Follower Like This @myblogingplanet Now after typing the user name Chick on Search and will see his all Followers List

Now Start Following his Followers but Remember in One Day only follow Maximum 200 Peoples Otherwise it will look like Spamming.

and then in Next Few hours you will Start Getting Followers on your twitter account.

Now use Buffer to Schedule your tweets and Get More Engagement on your Tweets Like Re-tweet,Favorite,and Comments.

Why to Schedule your Tweets with Buffer?

Schedule your Tweets with Buffer

Many times you have heard that Timing is Everything.

Well! That,s true.

Posting Tweets on The Best Time is best way to Increase Engagements on your Tweets Like My Tweets show,s the better result in the Morning.

Here is Guide which will help you to Know the Best Times to Post on Social Media
Best and Worst Times for Post on Twitter, Facebook

That,s the Reason you Should Schedule your Tweets.

How to Use Buffer to Increase Tweets Engagements?

Create a new Account on Buffer.com you can also Use your Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn Account to Sign up on it

After Creating Buffer Account Connect your Twitter Account with It and then Select Timezone i recommended you Chose That Time Zone from Where you Get Most Traffic like i Get Traffic from India and USA So Choosing your India or USA will be Great Instead of Choosing my own time zone Because when you Choose Time zone Buffer Automatically Create the Best time to Publish your Tweets.

So Tweets can Get more Engagement.

But you also Chose your Custom Time when you want to Publish Them.

If you want to try more tools Like Buffer then Checkout This Awesome Post : 7 Tools To Manage All Social Profiles At One Place


I am Sure If you Try These Methods Surely you will Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

Note : In This Post I Only Share 1 way to Increase Tweets Engagement but Believe me it Works Great and if you want Detailed Guide About Increasing Tweets Engagements Then Stay Connected with Us Because soon i will Publish an Awesome Post on Twitter Engagement

So What do you Think About these Methods to Get More twitter Followers and Engagement and Also if you are Following any Other Method and it getting Better Results Share it Us i will Love know about them.


  1. It's very impressive article, yes I am agree with you on buffer and various other online tools, all these tool helping me on increase my increase visibility on various social media websites.

    Mohd Arif

    1. Hey Mohd....
      Yes Buffer or Other Online Tools Like this is a Great way to Increase Twitter Engagement and Visibility.

      And Thanks for appreciation.


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