4 May 2015

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Domain Authority: 11+ Best Techniques to Increase DA (2016)

Best techniques i use to get better Domain authority ( No Rocket Science ) it will take few months to get better.

Did you want to Know what is Domain Authority and How to Increase it?

Maybe yes So in This Post i will tell you about Best Techniques to Increase Domain Authority.

10 Best Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)
Domain Authority is Provided by MOZ and It,s Also Use by Search Engines for Ranking Factor Mostly by Google and It can Help you to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Blog.

There are Many Tools Available to check Domain Authority of any Domain but i am telling you Best Official tool by MOZ Check your site DA : Moz.com/researchtools/ose/

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What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is also Called as (DA) and DA is a Scale of 0 to 100 Some Popular have 100 DA Like Facebook,Google,Wikipedia and Many more Sites But Getting 100 Domain Authority is not Easy But if your Site Have More then 40 Domain Authority then It,s Great.

Read in Detail about : What is Domain Authority

Deference Between DA and PA

Domain Authority is Ranking Predictive of your whole Domain and Sub-domain but Page Authority is the Authority of your Pages and it can be Different in all Pages Like if your one Page Have 25 DA Then It dose not mean that your Other Page also will Have Same 25 DA.

11+Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)


(1) On-Page SEO

When it comes to domain authority on page seo is one of the most important to give it boost but no you don,t have to be expert to do this you just have to do some basic on page seo.

First Checkout the above image to find out the Difference between off page seo and on page seo .

Few important on page seo you need to Focus
  • Keep your url short but must add your Keyword
  • Your content should be original and unique 
  • Improve your Site speed and make sure its load in less than 4 sec but 3 sec is better,
  • Use your Keyword in H1 Heading.
  • Do a Proper keyword research

(2) Create Quality Content

10 Best Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)
Moz Most Likely to Give those site Higher Authority which have Quality Rich and Lengthy Content So Write Quality Post in well written Manner and never Stole Others Article and try to Improve User Engagement on your Contents.

The better content you write the more authority you will get. so go ahead and create an epic content which impress your blog readers. dose not matter what it is text , Presentation , Info graphics or anything.

(3) Quality of Backlinks

You can Say that Backlinks Plays Biggest role in Domain Authority but before starting building links let me tell you that i am talking about natural links not self made but if you can build links which looks like natural link then ahead :)

Types of  Un Natural links: link in Sidebar , footer , Comments , header , Author Bio 

Types of Natural links: Only Links in Article body

Best Link Building guide i have ever read this is an epic content on Backlinko by brain dean : 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

(4) Links From High DA Sites

10 Best Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)
Yes Moz also Use This Factor More High DA Backlinks you have more Authority you will Get and it,s Different Factor Because in this Factor it dose not See the Quality of Backlinks Even Comments No-follow Links also Works Good in this Factor but Don,t Spam to Get These Backlinks.

Social Bookmarking Sites are awesome to increase the backlinks when it comes to non Natural links.

(5) Do Proper Internal Linking

Internal Linking
Link your any Domain Page Called Internal Linking and Doing it in Proper way can Improve DA and Page Authority and According to me it,s Easy and Good way to Improve your Site Authority and it will also Decrease your Site Bounce Rate.

(6) Remove Toxic Backlinks

SEO is not a way to make MOZ and Google Fool its about getting better in Optimization.

Did you know that bad links can be a reason behind not getting organic traffic? yes some toxic links are so lets Remove your Those toxic links which are forcing google to downgrade your ranking which lead to make moz to give you low domain authority.

You can Use Google Webmaster Disavow Tools to tell google to don,t index these links.

(7) Domain Age

Domain Authority (DA)
This is most Important Factor but this Factor Really Make me feel bad Because we can,t do anything  we just have to wait to get our Domain Old The Older Domain Age Means better Domain Authority So we have to Just Keep Patients.

(8) Social Media Engagements

Social Media Sites Page,s Engagement, Likes,Tweets,Re-tweets,favorite,Pin and Social Media Mentions Like How many People have Mention your Site in their Posts and also your Sites Follower are also Counted So Try to Engage with Peoples on Social Media and Get More Engagement on Your Posts.

(9) Brand Search Volume

Brand Search Volume

Brand Search Volume is also a DA Factor and  it,s Really Not in your Hands but you can do it by Making your Site popular on social media and other social platforms.like reddit , stumble upon and others. 

Creating an epic content will also help you a lot in because the more people search your blog name in search engine the better ranking and authority you will get.

So When People Search your Site Name in Google or Other Search Engines and when you start Getting Decent Search Click with your Brand Name then you will see a Slight Boost in your DA.

(10) Site Engagement

If your Site Readers are Engaging your Site Like they are Regularly Commenting on your Posts,Sharing your Content on Social Media,and They love to Stay on your Blog for little long time.

(11) Site Speed 

Site speed is also have a big importance in increasing Domain authority the best tools you can use to improve your site speed are: Gt Metrix , Google Pagespeed tool

Final Words

if you Follow These all above Tips you will Surely Get a Rise in your Domain Authority and also will get Boost From Search Engines.

Let Me Know your Thoughts in Comments and if you think this Post is Helpful then Share it on Social media.


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