12 March 2015


How to Protect your Site Content From Thefts by Using DMCA

Dmca is Best Way to Protect your Content from Being Stole and Check who has Copied Your Content from your Blog and it,s Free version is also good

Protect Site Content with Dmca
As many of you are worried about many Peoples are Coping your Content and Publishing it on Their Blogs it,s very Common That Good Content Get Copied by Some Loser who Can,t write Own Content so Today i am Going to Release your Tension From Content Copiers by Sharing a Awesome way to Protect Your Blog Article From Thefts. (Dmca)

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Now many of you are Thinking what is Dmca?

What is Dmca?

Dmca is an Site which Helps to Protect Sites Content from Content Thief's Like if Someone Copied your Post Then Dmca will Run a Scan of your all Posts and Then Search Your Content on other Site and if Dmca Finds That Someone Stole your Content Then Dmca Remove That Copied Content from That Site.

Why you Need Dmca to Protect your Site?

Dmca is Best and do a Deep Scan of your Site and Other Sites and it,s Search Engines Trusted Service and Their are Both Options Available Free and Paid So you can Use Dmca For Free Without Spending a Single Penny and yes Of-course Paid Version is Better but if you don,t want to use Paid Version Then Don,t Worry Simply use Free Version it,s also Superb.

What you will Get in Dmca For Free

Here are some Dmca Features for Free Users
  • Free Dmca Badges For your Blog/Site
  • 1 Free Dmca Take down Per Year if your Content Stolen
  • You can access to Dmca.com and Can File a Dmca Take-down Manually also

How to Protect your Site Content with Dmca

Step (1) Go to Dmca.com 

Step (2) Now Scroll Down and Fill The Simple Form and Then Click on Submit.

Step (3) Now Login to Your Dmca Account and Register your Site on it.
After your Blog/Site Registration Follow Below Step and Add a Dmca Badge on your Blog.

Step (4) Now Add Dmca Badge to Your Blog.

It will Help you to Protect a Content and it will Show Thief,s That Your Content is Dmca Protected So Thief,s will Start Avoiding your Site to Copy your Content.

How to Add Dmca Badge in Blogger Blog

Step (1) Go to Blogger.com and Then Go to Your Blog Dashboard

Step (2) Then Click on Layout and Then Click on Add Gadget
Add Gadget in Blogger

Step (3) and Then Add Html/JavaScript

Step (4) and Then Paste Dmca Badge Code in Content and Leave Name Blank and Then Click on Save.

Congrats You are Done Now your Content is Protected by Dmca. 

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