3 January 2015


4 Reasons your Blog Traffic Will Never Grow

4 Reasons your Blog Traffic Will Never Grow. Now you are Thinking Why (No idea) Because you are making Mistakes in your Blog Like Not Focusing on Quality Content and many Bloggers Don,t Thinks about Their Readers So in My Advice you have give Full Support to Readers Like Answer Their Comments and Email and Try to be best with your Readers.

Blog Traffic
Today There are Many Blogs on Internet because there are too Many Free Platforms so Because of too Many Blogs every Blog Does not Get Success due to Every One is Not Good in Blogging So Only few From Thousands of Blogger Get Success in Blogging Other Bloggers don,t get Success Because They makes Some Mistakes in their Blog So Today i am Going to Share why Every Blogger Don,t Get High Traffic on Their Blog.

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(1) Content

If you are a Blogger Then Remember Content is Every thing for Any Blog if your Writing Skill not Good Then Forget About Traffic you will Never Get Good Traffic on your Blog you have to First Make your Writing Skill Good if you want to Get Success in Blogging and one More Thing Focus Quality Content Instead of Quantity Because One Great Content is Better than Ten Poor Contents So Always Write Quality Contents.

(2) Poor Design

Good Blog Design is Very important to Make your Blog Attractive no One want to visit Those Blog which Design is Not Good if There is Nothing Special and Also Make your Navigation Bar Easy to Use Because Peoples Don,t want to Search for a Long Time They want Easiest way to Find Contents So Don,t Make your Blog Design Terrible.

(3) Not Communicating with your Readers

Many New Bloggers thinks That Communicating with Readers in Not Necessary But They are wrong it is Important Because Peoples Likes Those Bloggers who Care about Their Readers So try to Communicate with your  Readers Like Reply their Comments,Answer Their Emails and by Communicating your Readers you will Start Getting Subscribers and Subscribers are Great way to Increase Your Blog Traffic

(4) Not Creating Back-Links

Backlinks are Great way to Increase your Blog many New Blogger Avoid This Because it,s Not too Easy like you Can Create Backlinks by Guest Posts,Commenting on Other Blogs,Forum Postings,Social Bookmarking Sites,Social Media and Many More Ways i Highly Recommended you Don,t Avoid This Because it can increase your Blog Traffic in very Short Time if you do it Correctly.

Final words

These are 4 Reason why many Blog Don,t Get Good Traffic on their Blog and i Hope this Tutorial Help You Please Share This Article with your friends on Social Media and you can Follow us on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus and Pinterest

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