Tuesday, 23 December 2014

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5 Things Every Blogger Should Always Remember

Blogger Should Remember
i Have Seen Many Bloggers Who are Serious About Blogging But They are not Doing Blogging in a Good Way they work Hard but their Blog have not a Good Ranking in Search Engine and They do not Get Good Amount of Traffic So a Blogger Should Not only Work Harder Because Everyone is Must smarter Like Search Engine,Social Media Algorithms and Search Engines Change Their rules in 6 to 10 months So You have to Work Harder + Smarter So Today in This Tutorial i will Tell you Top 5 Things Which Every Blogger Should Always Remember.

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5 Things Every Blogger Should Always Remember

(1) Must Update your Blog Once in a Week

Many Blogger Don,t Update Their Blog for More than 1 week but if You want to make your Blog Good Ranking and your Reader Happy you Should Update your Blog Once or Twice a Week it will Also Effect on Search Engines and your Reader will More Interested in your Blog.

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(2) Never add Copyright Material

Many Bloggers Think They can make Peoples and Search Engine Fool by Adding Copyright Material but Never do this you can Make People Fool but you Can,t Make Search Engine Fool Search Engine,s are Getting Smarter Everyday and if you add Copyright Article You will Also Lose Trust of your Readers So i highly Recommended you Never Do This.

(3) SEO

SEO is Short Form of Search Engines Optimization and if you want to Get Good Ranking in Search Engine Then you Make your Blog SEO Friendly and you have to Learn On-Page and Off Page SEO Basics and Never Think Search Engine is Important Because it is important you can Say Search Engine is the Key of Success

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(4) Easy Navigation

Make Your Blog Easy to Use Peoples Don,t like Sites/Blog with Difficult Navigation Let,s Take a Example : you go to a Site Like www.xyz.com and then you want Something But you are unable Find that thing on that Site Then Surely you will close that Site and you will go to Another Site So That,s why Easy Navigation is Very Necessary For your Blog/Site.

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(5) Social Media

Social Media is Very Important for Every Blog and Must for not Much Popular Blogs its Help to Get visitors on your Blog and Build your Site Repetition and Make your Blog Popular in worldwide there are many Social Media Site Like (Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter,Pinterest) and Many More.

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Final Words

These are 5 tips which you should Always Remember and also Communicate with your visitor Like Reply Their Comments and Answer Their Email and Try to Help Them to Build a Good Relation with your Visitors

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