23 October 2014

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Best Effective Tips to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

10 Best Tips to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

Blog Loading Time
Hello Everyone!
as we Know Blog Speed is Very Important to make your Blog User/Visitors Friendly Because no one wants to Wait and also Fast Loading Blog Leave a Good Impression to your Visitors So Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you How to Reduce your Blog Loading Time.

Effective Tips to Reduce your Blog Loading Time

(1) Use Proper Coded Template

Many of you are Using Custom Template in your Blog so always Choose Best Coded Template to Make your Blog Faster But if You are Using Blogger Official Template Then its Great because Official Blogger Templates are Well Coded and Their Speed is Better Than All Other Templates

(2) Don,t use Background Image

Never Use Background image in your Blog Because background image make your Blog Slow and By Removing Background image you can make your Blog 10% to 15% Faster So i highly recommended you to Remove it.

(3) Don,t Use too Many Widgets

Don,t Use Too many Widget in your Blog Because if you add too Many widget they will Defiantly make your Blog Slow So Only Use Necessary Widgets in Your Blog and Never Use Popup Widgets

(4) Only Use Small Size Images

Use Small Size Image on your Blog you can make your Large Size image into Small Size without losing image Quality.

(5) Don,t add More than 3 Advertisements 

Many Blogger add Too many Advertisements For Earning With Their Blog But it will Decrease Your Blog speed and Quality So Never Add More Than 3 Adds in Blog if you wants to Get Success in Blogging if you think you will be rich with Huge adds in some days then you are wrong Because you are Destroys Your Blog Quality.

(6) only show 4-6 Posts in Homepage

Don,t Show More Than 6 Posts in Homepage to make your Blog Faster Doing This Will Make your Blog Readers Busy in your Blog and They Will also realize your Blog Speed.

Hope this Will Help You to Reduce your Blog loading time and Make it Faster
If you have any Question you can Ask in Comments we will Happy to Answer Your Questions

Thanks For Giving your Valuable Time on Our Blog.


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