30 September 2014

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Top 8 Tips to Make your Blog Seo Friendly

Top Tips to Make your Blog Seo Friendly to Get Higher Rank in Search Engines

Many People Don,t care about SEO but SEO is Very important to Get High Traffic From Google Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you What is SEO and How to Improve it to Get High Ranking in Search Engines

What is SEO ?

SEO is Short Form of (Search Engine Optimization) and it is Process of Attracting Traffic From Search Engines Like Google,Bing,Yahoo and Many Other by Listing Position in Search Engines.

You have to Improve it Get to High Traffic on your Blog.

Top 8 Tips to Make your Blog SEO Friendly

(1) Content Quality 

Always Focus on your Article Quality Not Quantity if You write one Best Quality Article Then It,s Better Then 10 low Quality Articles So Always Write Quality Article and Always Remember Content is King In  SEO World.

(2) Blog Design

Many Peoples Think That Blog Design is Not important to Get Higher Rank But it is important and Blog Design is Also Can Attract Peoples on your Blog And Can Increase your Traffic So Must Install SEO Friendly Blogger Template to make your Blog Responsive and Beautiful.

(3) Post Title 

Many to you Think That Good Title is Not Important to Make your Post Popular and SEO Friendly But you are Wrong always Remember Google also Likes Well titled Blog Post and Google Them Better in Search Engines So Always Take Care of Post Title and Do Proper Research on Title. Good Title can increase more Than 30 Percentage Traffic on your Blog.

(4) Social Media

Social Media Plays a Very Role in SEO World and it can Boost your Search Engine Rank fast so Always Post your Articles On Social Media Like (Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Pin interest) to Get Higher Rank in Search Engines.

(5) Don,t Write Copyright Articles

Never Write Copyright Articles Because Google Hate Cheaters Who Cheat Others Copyright Article can Destroy your SEO Carries Forever So Never Never Never Copy Articles From Other Sites.

(6) Back Links

Back-links Are Great way to Increase Your Blog SEO Ranking Super Faster and Also back-Links  will Increase your Alexa Rank Very Fast But Only Create Back-links on Higher Page Rank Sites to Increase your Rank Fast many of you Don,t Know how to Create Back-links.
you can Create Back-links Using Guest Post,Forums and Via Comments.

(7) Submit your Site to Search Engine

Submit your Site to Search Engine Like Google,Bing and Yahoo.

(8) Internal Linking

Internal Linking is also The Best Way to Tell Search Engines About your Other Pages and Also Internal Linking is Best way to Increase Page View of Your Blog.

Final Words

These are Top Tips to Increase your Blog/website Better Ranking in Search engines.

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