Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money With Blog

Many Blogger Wants To Earn Money With Their But Because of Few Mistakes They Can,t Able Make Money With Their Blogs And They Quit Blogging But Please Don,t Quit Blogging Just Correct your Mistakes It will Also Increase Your Blog Traffic and Will Boost Your Earning So Lets See Top Mistakes Why Bloggers Fail to Make Money Their Blogs.

(1)   Bad Looking Design 

Many Blogger Make This Mistake They Don,t Think About Their Blog Design But Believe me Design is Very Important to Make your Successful and Popular and A Good Also Attract Peoples on Your Site and This Problem Can Solve with Template Choose Best Template Design for Your Blog and Install it.

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(2) Low Quality Articles

Many Blogger Don,t Think About Article Quality They just Think About Quantity and They Think That They Can Make Make Their Popular by Article Quantity But Believe me They are Wrong One Top Quality Article is Better Than 10 Low Quality Articles So Always Focus on Quality not Quantity.
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(3) Poor ( SEO ) Search Engine Optimization

SEO is The Short Form of (Search Engine Optimization) make your Blog SEO Friendly and If your Site Is Optimized For SEO Then you Will Get High Traffic From This Search Engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo,Msn,Search) And Many More And one More Thing Must Submit Your Website To Search Engines.

(4) Bad Navigation

Make Your Blog Easy To Navigate By Making Categories And Sub Categories in Your Blog Because If Your Site Has Hard Navigation Then Peoples will not Like Your Blog and if Your Blog has Easy Navigation and Also Quality Then Many Peoples Will Love with your Blog

(5) Grammar Mistakes

Do not make Grammar Mistake in your Blog Because No One Likes a Blog With full of Grammar Mistakes So Always Try to Write in Proper Way.

Final Words

Here is Some Mistake which Bloggers Make And They Loose Their Blog and Every One Known Visitors Are the Key to Earn Money with Blog.

Hope This Will Help you To Earn With Your Blog.

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