18 August 2014


How to Hide or Remove Blogger Navbar From Your Blog

How to Remove or Hide NavBar From your Blogger Blog in less than 2 Minutes.

As Many Professional Blogger Says That Blogger Navbar Make Blogger Blog Super UnProfessional and As also Many Blogger Want To Hide or Remove Their Blogger Navbar To Make Their Blog look more Professional but many of them don,t know how to remove it So Today in This Tutorial i will Tell you how to Remove Blogger Navbar in less than 2 minutes.

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What is Blogger NavBar ?

Its also a Blogger widget and its Appears on Top in Your blogger Blog and its Comes with Every Blog But Its Make your Blog unprofessional.

How to Remove Blogger NavBar

Step (1) Go to Blogger.com And sign-in to your Account.

Step (2) Then Go to Your Blog Dashboard and then click on Layout Then Click on NavBar then click on Off Then Click on Save.

Congrats You have remove Blogger NavBar.

Hope This Will Help you if You Have any Question you Can ask in Comments i will Happy to Answer your Question.


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