15 December 2015

10+ Noteworthy Image Optimization Tips For WordPress Site

Images create a unique memory in a visitor’s mind and go a long way in turning causal visitors to your website into returning visitors. Large sized images on a website take a long time to get downloaded and being displayed, this frustrate potential customers. Such images not only occupy a significant storage space in your server but also have a negative impact in your website’s SEO rankings among various search engines.

You can make use of the Pingdom Website Speed Test tool to be clear of website size and Website loading time. An optimal website would take less than 3 seconds to load and be less than 1 mb.
Conversion experts states, use of perfect and precise images increases the CRO.

Image Optimization Tips

10 Image Optimization Tips For WordPress Site

1. Use Small Size Images ( Keep your Images in 150 Kb )

Sometimes, uploading larger images may decrease your Site Loading Speed. So, it’s better to re-size the image accurately for the given image block or the gallery page. For the best output, try to keep your image size within 150 KB and maximum 1 MB. Set the color mode as RGB and the color profile as sRGB. For best results, keep image width to 1500 pixels.

Set the orientation properly before uploading by using image managing software. When uploading a logo, maintain the same height that you require. Make the file type as .png or .ico in case of adding a favicon. Format animated .gifs exactly as you want them to appear and avoid uploading larger animated .gifs as they can significantly slow down your site’s loading speed.

2. Never go for wrong file type:

Use only in JPG or PNG Images because other file types like .psd, .pdf, .doc or .tiff aren’t compatible with all Browsers. Be careful with the file name and use only numbers, letters, hyphens or underscores in the file names. Avoid using other characters as that may cause unwanted uploading problems.

3. Suggestions to take great screenshots:

Learn the art of taking the perfect screenshots without compromising on the quality of image and text. Consider the following for a perfect screenshot:
  • Instead of re-sizing the image of the screenshots, try resizing the browser to the desired dimensions. For further reduction, you may resize the image to the desired size.
  • If resizing the browser is not possible, avoid screenshot of the entire screen and focus only on the area that is critical for your website and remove the rest.
  • If you are using a Mac device to take a screenshot, go to preview and reduce the pixel size from 144 to 72ppi before you take the screenshot.

4. Always Resize your Images:

At times, it becomes a problem with some sites where the images are partially visible. It happens when the image is uploaded keeping the actual size intact and the browser automatically shrinks it to the visible dimension. To avoid this, downsize the images according to the given dimensions using various tools like IrfanView, ImageMagick, ImageOptim (Mac) and TinyPNG before uploading.
Re-size your Images

5. Use Progressive JPEGs:

When it comes to JPEGs, we are usually aware of two types of JPEGs namely Baseline and Progressive. Visually, both have the same impact. However, the difference lies in their uploading process. Baseline JPEGs are uploaded in a single stretch by using their single layer and sometimes give an incomplete view.  Progressive JPEGs are uploaded partially using multiple layers and thus result in a complete view.
Jpeg Baseline vs Jpeg Progressive

6. Use lazy Load Plugin

Lazy load Plugin empowers a developer to mention which components are to be loaded into the storage. Normally, the initial program and all the related components are loaded into the storage automatically by the system loader. By using lazy loading, the developer can specify which related components are to be loaded and which aren't, which in turn can eliminate the loading of many unused components. It significantly improves the program’s performance

7. Use CDN ( Content Delivery Network ):

CDN is also known as content delivery network and it,s allows a user to download static contents by providing substitute server nodes. It ensures a faster download time of static contents and response time. A CDN is a scattered network of servers where the static contents are stored in the cache. When a site is requested, the nearest server node delivers the static contents, thus decreasing the download time.

8. Don,t Forget the ‘alt’ attribute:

Though Some people mistakenly call it the image alt tag, it’s the “Image alt attribute” as an image has the latter, not the former. When used, this image alt attribute is shown as a tooltip in IE with the words contained in the image alt attribute for the visitors to your website when they put their mouse on the image.

It helps those visitors to access the website who have turned off the images. The words that are present in “image alt attribute” become visible at the place of the image. It enhances the SEO ranking by attracting the visitors who have turned off images.

9. Use Plugin to Make your Site Images Responsive

WordPress Images Plugin can make your content to be displayed efficiently and elegantly across all devices. By using it, multiple resolutions of an image can be created which can be viewed by high / giant resolution screens as well as smaller screens. By using the Picturefill WP plugin, responsive images can be loaded in a Better way which are compatible for all types of devices.

10. Use Image Captions:

Captions are the texts that appear beneath an image. They also describe the whereabouts of the image.  The addition of relevant keywords in the caption will attract More traffic to your website, thus enhancing the SEO ranking of your site.

Note : This is a Guest Post Contributed by Soumya Nair

About Guest Author!

Dedication, timely efforts and passion are the key protocols that keep me succeeding as an outstanding Digital Marketer, blogger and trainer. I love what I do. My main target is to get conversions for the business with all means of search engine optimization. I believe in learning and exploring digital marketing. I love organic digital marketing. Thanks for reading :)  Follow her on Twitter

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13 December 2015

50 Most Important Google Ranking Factors 2016 [Updated]

Google Ranking Factors

Hello Guys Today i Came with an Awesome Post which is about 50 Most Important Google Ranking Factors and SEO and maybe you know That Google use 200 Ranking Factors to Rank a Site but no one know,s Exactly what they are So in this Post i am Going to Share Only Most Important Google Ranking Factors which will Help you Find out why your Site Is not Ranking well in Google,s Search.

Why you Need to Know about These Google Ranking Factor?

Every one Know That Internet users are Growing very Fast Currently 3 Billion Peoples use Internet Daily and More Than 350 Million Sites Launch Per Year wow Amazing So That,s Mean There is Too Many Competition and For Making your Site on Top you have to work Hard and Learn Important Google ranking Factors to Get Huge Organic Traffic on your Blog/Site.

50 Most Important Google Ranking Factors (Updated)

1 : Domain AgeGoogle use Domain Age to Rank a Site Like if your Site is 3 Months Old and your Competitor Site is 8 Months Old Then Your Competitor will Get Better Ranking in Google Search.

2 : Domain AuthorityGoogle Use Domain Authority to Rank a Site Like Facebook Domain Authority is 100 That,s Amazing 100 out of 100 But it is not Easy to get 100 But if your Blog Authority is More Than 40 Then it,s Good. Check your Domain Authority : Moz.com/researchtools/ose/

3 : Keyword in Domain Name Having Keyword in Domain Name will give Google a Positive Signal Like mybloggingplanet.com Have Blogging as keyword in URL.

4 : Top Level Domain Google and Bing both use domain level factor and rank top domain levels Like .Com,.ORG or .Net get much Better Ranking in International Searches.

5 : Country Level Domain NameUsually Country Level Domain Use for Business Like xyz.in ,xyz.us or xyz.au or any Other so Give them a Better Ranking from Their Country Searches like .us will Get more Traffic from United States

6 : Domain History Domain History Even Every Search Engine Use This Like you have Domain which was Get a Dmca Complaint or any other Penalty in Past then you will not get top Ranking in Google Easily but you can by increasing your domain trust.

7 : Keyword in Title Tag : Having Keyword in Title Tag will Increase your Blog Ranking

8 : Keyword in Post Link URLHelps to Get in top with That Keyword in Google Search

9 : Keyword in Post First 100 Words Google See First Paragraph Very Deeply so having Keyword in first 100 words Can Increase Chance for Betting Ranking.

10 : Keyword in Post Meta Description Must add Keyword in Meta Description it will also increase Chances for high Ranking

11 : Keyword StuffingGoogle Hates Keyword Stuffing Like adding a Single word again and again without need Called Keyword Stuffing.

12 : Content LengthMore words Can Describe a Content topic Deeply so Google Use This Factor Mean More Than 2000 words Post will Get Higher Ranking Below is Graph which show how many words are best to Get in 1st Page. See The Below Image Graph That are Post with Different words in Google First Page
Content Avg Length in google

13 : Page Loading SpeedGoogle Love Those Site Which are Fast and you can,t Even Think that Just by Increasing your Blog Speed How much your Traffic will Increase

Read : Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

you can Check your Blog Loading Speed with : Google Page Insight tool

14 : Duplicate Contentif you have Duplicate Posts Then Forget about Getting Organic Traffic Because no Search Engines Like Duplicate Content.

Duplicate Content Checker : Copyscape

15 : Duplicate Meta Description : can decrease the ranking of  your awesome Post & Recently Google says Create a Unique Meta Description for Every Post or Leave it Google will Create it itself.

16 : Page Loading Speed in Chrome As every Google Chrome User Know that Chrome is Faster than any Other Browser so Google take it very Seriously if your Site is Loading Slow in Chrome

17 : Alt Attribute Tag in Images  : ALT Tag Help Google to Index your Blog Image and Help to add them with right Keywords

18 : Site Updates Google Love Those Site Which Updates Daily or 2 Times in a Week
19 : OutBound Links Quality : Google also Love Good Authority site Outbound Links it,s Help Google to Determine your Post Quality Example : CNN ,MSN  Like These Authority Sites

20 : Quality Internal Links Quality Internal Links help Google to Index your all Blog Pages and also Help to  get high Ranking.

21 : Grammar MistakesGoogle hates Grammar mistakes because Grammar mistakes irritate Peoples and Google want us to create user friendly posts

22 : Multimedia in Post : Google give those Sites Higher Ranking which have Images,Videos,Info-graphics or any Other Multimedia 

23 : User Engagement User Engagement is Very Necessary and Every Search Engines take it very Seriously to Keep the Search Quality on Top.

24 : Affiliate Links  : Google hates that Blog which are full of Affiliate links so never add more than 2 Affiliate Links in any Post.

25 : Post URL Link Short URL,s get better Ranking then long Post URL,s 

26 : XML Site MapXML sitemap is best according to Google to Submit it on webmaster Tools and Help to Index your Site all Posts.

27 : User Friendly Layout Google Loves Those Sites which are User Friendly and with Easy Navigation

28 : Domain Trust RankDomain Trust Rank is Provided by Moz and Google Use this to Rank a Site

29 : Number of Pages Yes number of pages is also an Factor But not Necessary 

30 : SSL CertificateSSL Certificate Sites get Better Ranking Because It Give a Signal that your Blog is Completely Secured and Google Like  Those Sites which care about their visitors Privacy

31 : HTTPSFrom Last 2 Months Google Giving a Better ranking to those site which are on Https Instead of Http

32 : Mobile FriendlyThis is most Important Google Ranking Factor and This Factors is For Mobile users now Google will Only Show Mobile Friendly Sites to Smartphone Users in Google Search.

Google Guidelines : Google Mobile Friendly

33 : Backlinks Domain Age Backlinks from Old Blog are More Powerful then new blog,s and also the more old your backlinks are the more Powerful they will become.

34 : BackLinks LtdMatt Cutts Says : Ltd are not a Factors into Site Importance and Google dose not rank a site with Domain Name.

35 : BackLinks from CompetitorsBacklinks From Competitors are Super Powerful and Can Give Instant Boost in Organic Traffic
36 : Natural Backlinks Natural Backlinks are Awesome way to Increase Ranking and will Show Results in Few Days.
37 : Backlinks from Bad Neighbors : Links from Bad Neighbors are Extremely Painful for any Blog and Can get Penalty

38 : Do-follow BacklinksDo follow Links Increase your Ranking in all Search Engines.

39 : No-Follow Backlinks : No follow Links are Not a way to Increase Ranking But Increase your Links Quantity and Increase Blog Domain Authority

40 : Guest Post Links Guest Posting is Nice way to get Quality do-follow Backlinks to your Blog.
41 : Broken Links : Having too Many Broken Links are Extremely Negative Signal for Search Engines and can case Penalty or Decrease in Ranking

Check Broken Links : brokenlinkcheck.com

42 : Selling LinksGoogle hates Those Site which Sell Links or have too many Affiliate Links

43 : Dmca ComplaintsGoogle Down rank for Those Blogs which have Dmca Complaints
44 : Social Signals : Many Blogger Know That Social Media Give No-follow Links but Recently Google Announced that Google also Use Social signals to rank a Site From Most Popular Site Like Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Pinterest E.t.c
45 : Fresh Articles Google Love Fresh Contents Like Images,Text,Video or any Thing

46 :  Repeat TrafficIf your Same Readers are Coming Back to your site That,s Give a Positive Signal that Your Blog is hub of Quality and Unique Content

47 :  Bookmarks in Google ChromeAs Many of Know Google use Chrome Data to Improve Their Search and if any One Bookmarks your Blog/Site Page in Chrome Then it,s Great Signal to Google to Determine that you have Quality Content

48 : Dmoz ListedDmoz is Google Top Trusted Website directory and in this advance world dmoz still checks every site manually  so Google Trust those sites which are Listed in Dmoz.

49 : Google Plus ( +1,s ): Google Use Google Plus +1 to Rank a Site that,s Mean if you have more +1 then Chance to Get Good Ranking depends on Post Quality

50 :  Adult content or illegal wordsSites with adult Content and illegal words  Like Hacking,Phishing won,t Get higher ranking in Google

Final words

These are top 50 Google Ranking Factors and if you follow them then i am sure you will get a Good Position in Google and also in Other Search Engines Easily in Just Next Few Months.

Hope you like This Post and It Help,s you to Understand Google Ranking Factors.

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27 November 2015

10 Most Popular And Most Useful SEO Tools Available

In terms of getting started in today’s SEO world, startups have enough resources in hand. To stay at the forefront of the competition along with watching their rankings augment over time has been made much easier and the credit for this goes to the different SEO tools. For handling website optimization, a business owner requires the top SEO tools accessible, free or paid. These tools will save their energy and considerable time and also provide intelligent solutions to their website problems.

10 Most Popular And Most Useful SEO Tools Available

Below is a list of the 10 best SEO tools that will help website owners and professionals alike. These include,

  • Moz Toolbar- With updates on PR becoming more erratic, for every marketer it is crucial in finding ways of accessing a website’s quality that he/she is dealing with. Here Moz Toolbar will prove handy. This SEO tool will offer different indicators which will aid one in determining whether a website is worth receiving a link from. Page Authority and Domain Authority are two vital indicators.
  • Ahrefs- Ahrefs is another SEO tool to assess deep linking data. It is one of the finest tools with respect to gathering information on any domain or to analyze one’s backlink profile. Hence the next time one is planning to purchase a website or a dropped domain, they should use Ahrefs for availing an improved indication of inbound links.
  • Buzzstream - For people who make ample outreach or need to regularly contact webmasters should make the most of Buzzstream. This is an SEO tool par excellence. A business owner will be capable of keeping every contact detail concerning the webmaster they interact with along with links to their own website. Buzzstream will provide them with different features like prospecting for links as well as analyzing those links. An interesting feature about this tool is all the data will remain in one place. It will be of great help during making decisions . This tool is highly recommended to those who desires in taking the game of SEO seriously.
  • Screaming Frog- Especially for those business owners who are serious regarding their on-page optimization should try Screaming Frog. This SEO tool will allow them in finding duplicate content within their page, creating Meta description and also creating detailed SEO audit of their page. Screaming Frog will crawl their website and present them with on-page errors if any, which may be hurting their ranking.
  • Who Dot Is- This is a great tool for checking domain credentials. It will help one in checking every detail of the website, such as who is the domain owner, when it was registered, where it is hosted and who actually is the registrar. 
  • Deadlinkchecker.com- This tool can dead one’s website, hence in order to keep the rank of their website at the top on Google searches they should utilize deadlinkchecker websites.
  • Copyscape.com- Copyscape is a highly popular SEO tool used by maximum companies. It is a free tool used for checking plagiarism or discovering copied content in one’s blog/article. For instance, if one is a newbie and their writing style is not up to the mark they can paste their content in Copyscape to check if they have used any copied content. With the help of this tool one can filter copied links and contents easily.
  • Moonsy.com- This is an extremely popular site for gathering all information concerning a website. Using Moonsy one can find out information on any blog and utilizing its backlink checker they can discover any website’s backlinks and utilizing the domain age checker they can discover any domain age that also aid them in SEO in different ways. With Moonsy keyword checker one can check the position of the keyword in the search result of Google and also in Bing as well as other search result.
  • GTmetrix- To have a tool for examining page speed and diagnosing opportunities for enhancement now has turned into a crucial component of the search engine optimization toolkit. In fact anything which will impact the user experience will impact SEO and the speed of the website is a big thing for UX particularly for mobile. Although there are many pages-speed tools available today, but GTmetrix is the most reliable. Not only this, it will is also user-friendly.
  • RocketRanking :- Rocket Ranking is an all-encompassing search engine optimization solution. This tool will work wonders in helping startups and small businesses in increasing their site traffic daily. In fact, with its on-page optimizer, social media like/follow tool, backlink counter, an backlink builder and keyword profit calculator, a small business is capable of gaining the social recognition and clout needed for receiving higher rankings. This starts out absolutely free and can be upgraded later for a very nominal fee 

The world of computing technology today is littered with SEO tools. Wading through the ocean of SEO tools along with judging the finest of the lot will be a tremendous job. Yet thankfully people can count and rely on best SEO reviews to select from the best. With the help of power-packed tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, Buzzstream, Screaming Frog, Who.Is, Dead link checker, Copyscape, Moonsy, GT metrix and Rocket Ranking amid others have been publicized as an website’s lifeline. 

SEO is an indispensable component of business/brand promotion. These services offer the brand the needed recognition and also keeps the same view of prospective buyers. To enjoy an efficient  website optimization an entrepreneur or webmaster requires SEO tools. But it is only the best search engine optimization tools which can satisfactorily serve the purpose. Apart from the aforementioned SEO tools there are many more in the SEO realm. These are some of the best and most effective tools which deserve special mention. The bottom line is to conduct a proper research and make the most of the best SEO tools. All the best!

Author Bio :
This article is written by Sophia Smith she has elaborately explained on the top 10 useful search engine optimization tools. She is working with Submit2Rank-Proffessional SEO service provider in India. She is using the tools to get desire results for her clients.
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25 November 2015

95+ High PR Dofollow Blog Directory Sites List

High PR Dofollow Blog Directory Site

Are you Looking for the Top High PR Dofollow Blog Directory sites well many Bloggers Use Blog Directories sites to Rank well in Search engines.

And as Finding Good Blog Directory sites is not a easy task and as it,s very Difficult to Find all high Pr Blog Directory sites by Using Search Engines.

So that.s why i make your work easier by Sharing a whole list of those Sites. But before we start you should know what actually are these Site & also are these links helpful or not.

So let,s start with a Basic Question.
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19 November 2015

7 Best Free Tools to Create Awesome Infographics

Before we Start i want to Ask Few Questions

Do you know how to Create Infographics
Do you know which tools are best to Create Infographics ?
Do you know about any  Infographics Maker Tool which looks Awesome ?

So if your Answer is no Then this Post is for you.  (Let,s Start)
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30 October 2015

15 Proven Tricks to Generate Huge Traffic on Your Blog

Generate Huge Traffic on Your Blog
Blog traffic helps your blog in boosting the position of your blog in the web ranking. It makes your blog optimization a breeze to boot. In the event that you need qualified and reliable blog traffic, yet don't know where to start, this post will be your best asset.

(1) Choose Viral Content Titles & Create Lengthy Posts

Everybody wants to make their Blog Content Viral however, many people don,t know the Exact way to Make any Post Viral!
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