21 September 2016


7 Instagram Story Spotlights To Build A Buzz For Your Brand

Instagram Stories are the best way to build buzz for your Brand or Business it will help your brand/Business a lot.

Like it or not, the way individuals are using social media platforms is changing. And Instagram is aware of it. Recently, the picture-sharing app launched the most talked-about and important feature– Instagram Stories. It allows users to share videos and photos in a slideshow format which disappears after 24 hours.

Of course, this sounds similar to Snapchat which is at the forefront of bringing a shift to transient and ephemeral posting on social media platforms. In this current era of social media dominance, content is no longer curated or created, scheduled and edited. It is constant yet fleeting.

Instagram Story Spotlights
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Benefits Of Instagram Stories For Your Business

One of the major benefits of instant-video marketing is that it is easier and faster compared to the painstaking edits done to get picture-perfect images and for scheduling various kinds of content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram Stories are reactive, immediate and authentic. All you have to do is hit the record button and upload. You don’t need to do any editing. 

Using Instagram Stories For your Brand As Well As Business


1) Posting Introductory Story As Your First Story

Since Instagram Stories are brand new and rolled out last month, everyone is opening the app and checking out some random stories to get a sense of what this new feature consist of and offers. As a first time user, you need to take the time to set the stage for future stories and display valuable and interesting content about you, to any user who doesn’t know you well.

2) Behind The Scenes

Do you know the advantage of a live video? Audiences are more captivated by it. So, you can use it to your advantage by taking your followers on a journey using the content. Product demonstrations or office tours will provide insights about your business and its workflow.

This will provide a better understanding of what you do. By providing behind-the-scenes access which is not possible on other platforms, you are gaining the trust of your audience. 
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3) Get Engagement From Your Story

If you want to develop your brand as well as business, it is necessary to create a relationship with current and potential customers. For that one-on-one engagement is the best method to develop such connections. 

Direct one-to-one conversations are the major feature which made Snapchat the acclaimed star on social media platform. And in various ways, it is not distinct from Instagram. With Instagram Stories, you get another venue to enhance the dialogue between you and your audience. 

You can turn on the reply option that is present on each clip of your story by selecting the Story Settings. So, it becomes easy for viewers to comment by tapping on the video, thereby assisting you to get a real-time feedback concerning the content posted by you. Also, if you want to expand your engagement and feel that it is the main priority, then you can set the Message Replies to ‘Everyone’ and have a direct call to action for creating engagement on your video clips.

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4) Adding Teasers

Sometimes you might be looking for ways to advertise your new products or services which are in the pipeline. With Instagram Stories, you can create a teaser which displays snippets of what is new, to your followers. For example, you can provide flashes of new branding techniques or logo to keep them interested and intrigued about your business. 

5) Cross-Pollinating Content

An interesting aspect of the new update is that as Instagram does not publish the story content into your feed along with the rest of the posts, you get two distinct channels coexisting in the current platform. 

With one channel you can drive traffic to another. For example, you can shout out the latest picture in the daily story. It will be helpful in introducing a brand new promotion and sharing the preview of the content in the feed so that it can attract more followers. 

Frankly, the more places you share, the higher is the chance for you to get displayed on a person’s screen. Also, the more types of content your audience sees from you, the more interesting and dynamic the entire story will be. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever or is stable. It is necessary to understand latest trends on social media for business – 2016. Make sure to use both your post and the story of your Instagram feed to incentivize and encourage people to know more about you. 

6) Takeovers

It is an effective strategy to indulge in influencing marketing through videos. On Snapchat, various brands have utilized this concept. For example, Glamour magazine provides access to celebrities to take over its account for a single day, so that there is a diversified content and it keeps followers guessing. 

If you have a niche product or brand, try to reach out to various influencers present in your industry so that they can take over your Instagram Stories’ account. Through this, you can easily increase your reach and build buzz for your brand on Instagram through IDigic
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7) Opting For Paid Instagram Ads

If you always thought of using paid ads on Instagram, then it is great. But you need to go for it if your visual content is ready. Currently, there are tons of eyeballs present on Instagram, and the presence of a pay-to-play system which social media platform like Facebook is advocating, paying for ads will assist you in reaching more of them.

Yes! It needs to be kept in mind that there is a delicate art involved in Instagram ads which are similar to the pay-per-click system. So be ready to reformat and retest it. Of course, it might take some time to implement an ad strategy, but there is no harm in starting now. The chances of getting measurable results will be higher. 

Winding Up

Sometimes putting energy and time into social media features can be daunting, especially when it is quite hard to measure the returns that you want. But with video marketing, it is different as it is a long game. 

Now for various brands, it will not bring in or give direct leads, sales or conversions as expected. However, the loyalty and engagement that is created will be consistent and lifelong. So, with Instagram Stories, you have a venue to showcase your brand’s worth and what your business stands for. 


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