14 June 2015


Why i Stop Using Intensedebate Comments in my Blog

Checkout the 5 Reasons why i Stop Using Intensedebate Comment System in my Blogger Blog and Get rid of it.

Intensedebate Comment System
Hey Guys Did you Notice i Have Stopped Using Intensedebate Comment System in my blog.

If you are a Regular Reader or Previously Visited mybloggingplanet.com Then maybe you Know i was Using Intensedebate Comment System But Now i Stop Using Intensedebate Comments in my Blog and you can see below there is Default Blogger Comment System.

now maybe you want to know why i Stop using Intensedebate.

Lets Start....

In This Post i am Going to Share my Experience about Intensedebate : what i like and what i don,t.

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What i Liked about Intensedebate

Professional Look

Intensedebate Comments System Look More Professional then Blogger Comment System and There are almost Every WordPress Comment System Options.

Many Options to Comments

it Offers Many Ways to Comment Like anyone can Comment Individually or can Comment with Facebook,Twitter or WordPress accounts Easily.

Website Field

There is a Website Field where Users Have Option to Leave their Site with Their Comments it Helps to Get More Comments on Every Post even with Low Traffic Blogs.

The Worst Thing i Face while Removing Intensedebate

I Started using Intensedebate Around 3 Months ago and Collect Lots of Comments in That Time and then when i was Removing Intensedebate i Find out that there is no way to Transfer my Comments in Blogger Comment System So That,s why my all Post Comments Deleted.

So That the Worst thing i face.

5 Reasons Why i Stop Using Intensedebate Comments System in my Blog

(1) : Gives Do Follow Links

Intensedebate Gives a dofollow Links to Commentators Sites. and Unfortunately There is No way to Make Links No-follow. i am not against Giving a Do-follow Links to Related Niche Blogs but Giving Do-follow Links to Unrelated Niche Blogs Called Spamming. and Google Down rank Those Sites in their Search Results.

(2) We Can,t Stop Giving Links

In Intensedebate there is no Option to Stop Giving Links yes there is an Option to Remove Website Link Field From Comment System but Even if we Remove Website Field. Commentators can Still Get a Link by Commenting Via Their Intensedebate or WordPress Account.

(3) Slow Down The Speed

Yes Intensedebate affect on Blog Loading Speed Make it Slow and Sometime it,s Even hang the Browser for Slow Speed Internet Users Like 256 Kb or 512 Kb Users yeah i Know in These Days Mostly Users use More than 1 Mbps but Some are also using Slow So why to Lose Slow Speed Internet Users.

(4) Too Much Spamming

Link Spammers Target Intensedebate to Get Links because it Give do-follow Link Even there are tools available on the web which helps to Find Those Blog which are using Intensedebate Comments System to Build a Good Link Profile.

(5) Third Party Comment system

We Can,t See Comments Which are in Moderation or Spam Folder Without Logging into Intensedebate it,s Frustrating to Login Every time when we get a New Comment Yes they Send us an Email about Comments but they Don,t Send a email about Those Comments which are in Spam Folder and one more thing we Can,t Delete Published Comments without Logging into Intensedebate.

Final Words

My Experienced with Intensedebate was not Good and i would Never Like to use it Again.

Feel Free to Give your Opinion in Comments i will Love to See them.


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