6 March 2015

How to Stop Facebook Treating your Blog URL as Spam

Facebook URL as Spam
Hello Guys as Almost Everyone Knows Facebook is Most Popular Social Media Site on Internet with billions of users So every Bloggers use Facebook to Promote their new Blog Post and it,s Drive a Great Traffic to Our Blog But Facebook Treats Many New Blog and Old Blogs as a Spamming Links and Shows a Captcha Every time when we Share Our Blog Link  So it,s Difficult to Share your Post on Many Facebook Groups and it Takes More Time.

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As we Know Social Media is Best Way to Get Good Amount of Traffic and Also Facebook is Good for SEO it,s Give a Social Signal to Search Engines That.s Mean More Chance to Get good Ranking in Search Engines

Reasons why your Blog Links is in Facebook Spam list

Facebook is Very Strict about Spamming Because Many Peoples Use Facebook just for Sharing Their Blog Links and Facebook Don,t Like this Usually it,s Happens with new blogs and Many Times Because Peoples Report Your Blog URL as Spam and it,s Very Common in URLs With 
BlogSpot Like xyz.blogspot.com and Also if your Blog/site in on Nudity or any Material Like That so Don,t Worry about it Just Follow Below guide to Recover Your Links.

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Stop Facebook for Treating your Blog URL is Spam

Here are Few Simple Things you have to Do to Get your Blog in Facebook Trusted List.

  • First of All Sign in your any Facebook Account
  • Then go to This Link Facebook Debugger This is tool From Facebook and This Tool is Called as Facebook debugger Tool and This Tool Allow To Clear Our All Previews Record and Make it Like New This is Use for many things not Only for Recovering URL,S
  • Now Enter Your Site/blog URL and Click on Debug and Now Facebook will Show you Link Data
  • Now Go to Facebook.com and Share your Link it will be Done Without Captcha

That,s It.

Final Words

Hope This Trick will also Works For you and will Help you Please Let me Know if this Trick Works for you and also it Not it will help me to Improve This Trick

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