25 March 2015


5 Easy ways to Earn Money Online Without any Investment

These are 5 Easy ways to Earn Money Online without any Investment and trusted ways to make a Decent income per Month let,s give them a try slot rtp tertinggi

Earn Money Online
Now a days working online has become a trend. Especially students are the majority searching for online jobs to fill their pocket with some extra cash.  If you search in Google for online job you will not get an idea about online jobs for sure Search engines fail to provide you a better result.

Websites from Top 10 result will not have proper information or they will ask you to pay them to give you a job and once you pay there are chances to get cheated by them. So let me explain, what are the possible ways to earn online without investment or registration fees. Read this idea,s about various online jobs, select the job that suits your interest & talent and earn without getting cheated.

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5 Easy ways to Earn Money Online Without any Investment


Ad clicking job is the easiest online job, simply called as paid to click job. You will be paid for clicking ads. You don’t need any type of skill, English knowledge etc, all you just need a PC with internet connection. So, how do they pay?

PTC sites will display the ads provided by advertisers who wants to market their products online. It may be a software, website and even other PTC sites. These advertisers will pay certain amount of cash for a view to the PTC site. The PTC site will have  certain amount of members to click these ads; they just share the amount with their members for clicking the ads of their advertisers. For example: If advertiser pays $0.1 to PTC for a click/ view. PTC site will share 50% of amount i.e. $0.05 to their member for clicking the ad. The share percentage will vary according to the site’s terms and conditions.

So, how much you can earn by clicking ads? If you are the sole worker you can earn only somewhere between $0.5 to $1 per day. Ad clicking job is all about referrals, without referral you cannot earn more.

What is referral? Referral is someone introduced by you to the concern PTC site. what you gain by referring people to PTC site? PTC sites rewards you with referral commission i.e. they pay you a part of referral earnings as commission. The commission percentage will vary in different PTC sites.

How much you can earn with 10 referral? If the PTC site pays you $0.01 per ad click, you can earn
Your click per day = 20 ad clicks * $0.01 = $0.2
10 referral clicks 20 ads per day = 10 * $0.2 = $2  + $0.2 = $2.2                                                           If you have 100 referrals then you can earn $20.2 per day.
This is how you can earn more in ad clicking job. And there is a great danger in PTC job, scam. More than half of the PTC sites are scam so be careful in choosing the site you are going to work.
One more thing to keep in your mind is don’t add your family members as referrals. If so don’t work from same Pc or Same IP address. if you do then PTC site will consider you as spam and will delete your account and reset your earnings.


GPT means get paid to. GPT sites will give you various tasks like completing offers, participating in online surveys, clicking ads, completing mini tasks, watching videos, auto surfing etc and you can earn money by completing these tasks. If you want more opportunity to earn money you can join GPT sites. There are only few GPT sites to make use of.  Since there are few sites available at current, scam in GPT job is less

How can we earn in get paid to sites? Again the basic task is paid to click and you will be paid for clicking ads. But you don’t have to worry about low earnings. Here comes the survey tasks for rescue, GPT sites pays you up to $5 for participating in a survey. If you’re a professional guy you can also earn even more Next comes the mini tasks, GPT sites will pay you for completing mini tasks. What is a mini task? Mini task will be something like verifying.

For example, you will be asked to enter a link and tell them whether it’s a article or not i.e. yes or no. An article will be in paragraphs, if so you should click yes. If you find a Facebook page or forum you should click no. Similarly there will be a series of questions and get paid for completing those questions. You can earn up to $1 by completing each task Get paid for completing offers. GPT sites will pay you for completing offers. Offers will be like downloading trial software, signing up in the sites they recommend, watching video, auto surfing, listening to music, liking pages in Facebook etc. You can earn up to $25 depending upon the offer type.


Do you have Good typing skill. Yes? This may be the right job for you. Captcha entry is the process of converting the text from image to editable text. In simple you just gotta type the letters that appears in the image in the given box. Captcha entry panel pays you up to $1.50 for solving 1000 captchas. Anyone can join captcha entry site but the one with good typing skill can solve 1000 – 1500 captcha per hour. Few captcha entry sites offers you with the referral facility. It’s better to work in PC than laptop.


 Data entry is the famous word among the freelancers. I have seen most of them search online like this ”Online data entry jobs” without knowing what is data entry. Most of them fail to get a good data entry job. Because it’s very tough to find a genuine data entry job that gives you a true data entry work.

Now let me explain here what is data entry job. Data entry is the process of editing/ converting/ transferring one form of data to another form. For example converting  Pdf file to Excel in a unique form without using converters, writing an article from a image, Entering data in blogs and websites.

Ad posting, form filling, Captcha entry, data conversion, copy paste  are the good examples of data entry. Ad posting, form filling jobs are available in separate data entry sites. But if you want to do a real data entry work like typing, help finding solution etc, try to join the site that allows us to access different data entry works of our interest from same place i.e. there will be data entry panel where lots of people submits the job that have to be completed for them, you can select the job and get paid for completing. The pay rate will be displayed in front of each task, if you find worth do it and get paid. An example of data entry work is shown in the picture displayed below
Select the job that you are interested, find how much they pay and follow the procedure to start working. There are two types of data entry the long term and the short term. Some company will test you and if you are suitable for that data entry job you will be given contract for 6 months or a year and they will pay you as salary or pay you in task basis this is called as long term data entry job. In case of short term data entry job you can find small tasks like copy pasting, data conversion, here you will be paid immediately after completing each task.


Earn by sharing your views about various products, life style, software, websites, media, entertainment etc. You will be paid for participating in surveys. The paid survey jobs are provided by the survey panels. Join the survey panel and if any new survey is available they will send you a invitation. Participate and complete the survey and get paid there are two types survey panels, the survey panel that rewards you with e-gifts vouchers and the survey panel that rewards with cash.

In case of survey panel that rewards gifts, they will give points for each survey like 50 points or 100 points and you can redeem those points to e-gift cards of online shopping websites like Amazon.com, e-bay, Indian shopping, Flip-kart etc. For example 50 points will be equal to $1. So, you can redeem 500 points to get $10 worth e-gift voucher which you can use it when you shop online. Survey panel that pays you cash rewards will pay you through payment processors like Paypal. Example of paid survey job is given below.


  • If you are uneducated don’t join survey panels, because you will be screened out for sure. Students and working people get more opportunities to participate in surveys.
  • Captcha entry job requires a minimum typing skill of 15WPM. If you can’t type at that speed don’t join captcha entry sites.
  • Captcha entry job is the only online jobs that has no earning limit i.e. you can earn how much ever you want by working. But in case of Ad clicking job you can click only 30-50 ads per day and you should wait till next day for more ads.
  • PTC job requires no skill, if you have internet connection you can start earn immediately by clicking your mouse. If you are uneducated or don’t like read and type then  join ad clicking job.

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