Sunday, 15 February 2015

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How to Earn Money with Kayads

 Earn Money with kayads
Today in This tutorial i am going to Tell you how to Make Money with Kayads. with kayads you can Earn a Decent income Per Month easily by just giving 5 Minutes daily but as we Know every Buissness Take time to make a Good Profit So kayads is also like a Buissness your first 2 months earning will be very very low and maybe you feel disappointed but don,t worry just keep Clicking Daily and after 2 months you will Get decent amount per Month and i am Sure you will be very Happy After Seeing your Income after 2 Months

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What is Kayads..? 

Kayads is Paid to Click site these Sites also Called as Ptc sites which is Short form of (Paid to Click Sites) but kayads is Different from other ptc sites because it,s Profit Average is Great and better then any other PTC Sites and Many Payment Option are available  Like (Payza,Egopay,Netteler and Perfect Money)

How to Earn Money with Kayads

Go to Kayads and Then Click on Register to Create your Kayads Account.
Click Here to Register on Kayads
Then Fill Simple Form and Then Click on Register

Then After Registration Click on view Ads and Then view all Ads Daily and Fixed Advertisement are Necessary to Receive Referrals Earning if you don,t click Fixed Advertisement Then you will not receives Referrals Earning Tomorrow but we will Discus about Referrals in Next Paragraph so Fixed Advertisement will Look like This.

Ads Cost is Low but This is Not Our main income Source Just View all Ads Daily and After Collecting 0.60 Dollars Buy 3 Rented Referrals now you are Thinking what is Rented Referrals So Rented Referrals are The People who are rented by you Means you can  rent Peoples to Work for you and Rented Referrals are very Profitable in Kay-ads and again Collect Money and Again Buy Referrals and never Cashout till you Get 200 Referrals and After Getting 200 Referrals now collect Money to buy Golden Membership Which will Cost you 80 Dollars Per Year after Getting Membership Now your Referrals Earning Will be Double and now your Earning is More Than 40 Dollars Per Month i Know it is Low But you can Increase by Buying More Referrals This is the Earning only with 200 Referrals and maximum Rented Referrals Limit is 4000 Which Mean you get More Than 500 Dollar Per Month but it will Take a Quite long time.

Register on Kayads Now

How to Receive Money From Kayads

The Minimum Cashout is  $4 Dollars and There is no Maximum Limits So you Can Cashout Unlimited Amount in One time And There are many Trusted Payment Processors are Available Like Payza,Netteler,Perfect Money So You can Cashout your Money Easily

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