11 January 2015


Why Disqus is Best Comment System for Blogger/Blogspot?

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Best Comment System for Blogger

Blogger default comment system look too simple and does not attract users attentions.

The good thing is Blogger give you access to change your Comment system according to your blog need.

Should you change default comment system of Blogger?

Of course you should to make your comment system look good and to make it easy for your blog users to comment more easily.

So now the question arrive is.

Which comment system is best for Blogger blog?

Well there are many comment system available for blogger blog and most popular comment systems are Disqus, Google Plus, Intense debate, Facebook, livefyre.

These above mentioned comment system are most used comment system in blogger but let me tell you why you should choose Disqus.

Why Disqus is Best Comment System for Blogger Blog?

I love Disqus for many reasons and for me its best comment system for blogger/blogspot you can check I am also using the Disqus as my comment system on this blog.

Here are few things which make Disqus a perfect comment system

  • Compatibility: Disqus is fully compatible with every browser
  • Light Weight: Disqus load very fast and most importantly it load after your whole site is loaded so it does not effect your site loading speed.
  • Professionalism: Disqus is a professional comment system which gives users a easy to comment system with decent and user friendly look.
  • No spamming: Disqus has the least spamming score like there are no bots comments.
  • SEO Friendly: Main feature of disqus is it is SEO Friendly and it gives a link to the commentators which is good to keep Google and Search engines happy. 

How to Integrate Disqus Comment System in Blogger Blog

Step (1) Go to Blogger.com and Sign in your Google Account.

Step (2) Then go to Disqus.com and Sign up for account by clicking on Sign up button and then fill form the form.

Step (3)  After creating an account click on add Disqus to your site.

Step (4) Now add your site name and choose your unique Disqus URL and then choose the category of your site and then click on finish registration.

Step (5) Now it will ask you to chose a platform now click on Blogger.

Step (6) Then click on add to my Blogger Site.

Step (7) Then click on add widget.

Congrats you are Done Now go your Blog you will See a New Great Comment System and i Hope you will Like it and your Visitors/Readers will also Like it

If you Have any Difficulties or Question Then you ask in Comments and Don,t forget to give your thoughts in comments about Disqus comment system.


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