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5 Pro Tips to Promote Your Blog Post

As we know Traffic is Everything to any Blog and Every Blogger want traffic on their Blog but only few get Success in Getting Good Traffic and many Fails due to they Don,t Promote Their Post Correctly So Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you 5 Pro Tips to Promote your Blog Post to Get Huge Traffic on your any Post.

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5 Pro Tips to Promote Your Blog Post

(1) Social Media

Social Media is Best Way to Promote your Post and get Traffic their are Some Popular Social media Sites Like (Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter,Linked in,Pinterest) These are top 5 Social Media site to share your Post and Get Good Traffic.

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(2) Blog Commenting

Comments on Other Blogs and Leave your Post Link This is very Effective Method to Get Good Amount of Traffic on your Blog it,s also Increase your Blog Popularity and its also improve your Search Engine Ranking like on (Google,Bing,Yahoo) and many more

(3) Forums

Forum are good way to Promote your Blog Post this is Easy Method Just Join Some Popular Forms of  your Niche like my niche is Tips and Tricks then i will Form which are Tips and Tricks and After joining Forms then you will see Question in forum Answer These Question and Leave your Blog Link in The End of your Answers.

(4) Share your Every Post to Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking Sites are Great way to Promote your Blog Post and Also Bookmark site Gives do-Follow links that,s mean our Post will Get Good Ranking in Search engines and these give Huge visitors to Our Blog Post There are many Bookmarking Site Like ( These are Most Popular Bookmarking sites But they not give instant Results But believe me you will see incredible  Result in Just few Days.

(5) Guest Post

Guest Post are Great way but Not easy its will increase your Blog Traffic and Also your Blog and Your Popularity its Great way to Gain Popularity But only write Guest Posts For Those Blogs who have Huge Traffic Like 2000+ Per day but for writing Guest Post For Those Blog is really Difficult Because they Don,t Accept Low Quality Posts you have to write Great Post.

Final Words

These are Top 5 Ways to Promote your Post to Get Good Traffic and i am Sure This will Help you and If you Like this Post Then Please Share it on Social Media and with your Friends.

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  1. Good article. for me the great social media to traffic my blog Stumbleupon,Facebook,and G+

    1. @Khan Nareoun
      I am Glad That you Like this Post and Thanks For Giving your Valuable Time to Our Blog.

  2. Thanks for the helpful information. I will certainly use these tips on my blog

    1. Thanks Claudius for you comment and Let me know if it help you to Increase your Blog Traffic


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