10 November 2014


How to Display Live Recent Visitors in Blogger Blog

How to Display Live Recent Visitors in Blogger Blog

Recent Visitor in Blogger

Hello Everyone!
As we Know many Bloggers Want to Display Their Live Visitors on Their Blog but many of them Don,t Know how to Display So Today in this Tutorial i will tell you how to Display live Recent Visitors in Blogger Blog.

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what we need to Add live recent Visitors

So we will display live Recent visitors with Feedjit.com widget Html Code.

What is Feedjit.com.......?

Feedjit.com is a website which Provides Professional Live Recent Visitors Widget for Blogger , WordPress and Websites with Few Easy Steps

How to Display Live Recent visitors in Blogger blog

Step (1) Go to Feedjit.com 

Step (2) Then Select Blogger Blog

Step (3) Then click on GO

Step (4) Then after clicking on GO you will see new Screen Will Appears then Copy the Html Code on the Page Below

Step (5) Then Go to Blogger.com Then go to your Blog Dashboard

Step (6) Go to Layout and Then click on Add a Gadget

Step (7) Then new Popup tab will Appears and Then add Html/JavaScript

Step (8) Then in Title Type Live Recent Visitors and Past the Code in Content and Then Click on Save

Congrats you are done now go to your Blog and you will see live Visitors info in Sidebar and if you have any Question or Confusion you can ask in Comments i will Happy to answer your Questions.

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