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1 September 2014


Top 5 Adsense Earners in The World in 2014

Here i Have Combine the List where i Share Top 5 Google Adsense Earners Around The World in 2014 So Take a Look on it.

Google Adsense Earners in World
Today i am Going to Share Top 5 Google Adsense Earners Around The World in 2014 and as Many Bloggers don,t Like Adsense So i want all Blogger,s to take a Look and then think once again So in this Post i will Show adsense is Good way to Monetize any Blog with ads and Better than any other Advertising Company Otherwise if it is not then why these Top Earner are using it.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a Advertising company Which allow Advertisers to Advertise Their Ads and Then Google AdSense Pay us to Advertise their Advertisers Ads on our Blog/Website and Then Google Adsense Pay Us a Commission For Per Click on Advertisements.
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Note : Remember This List is About Earning Not About Traffic or Top Blogs.

Top 5 Google Adsense Earners in The World 

(1) Courtney Rosen

Courtney Rosen is Owner of and This site is World,s Get Paid with a Huge Amount Per Month and it,s on Top.

  • Monthly Earning  $675,000
  • Page Rank      6/10
  • Alexa Rank   313

(2) Pete CashMore

Pete CashMore is a Second highest Google Adsense Earner in The World He is the Founder of and This Blog is About News and Technology with Millions of Daily Readers.

  • Monthly Income   $560,000  Dollars
  • Site PR is 8/10
  • Alexa Rank is 190

(3) Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose Has Founded Digg,com and as Many of we Know Digg is Extremely Successful Social Bookmarking Site and Digg Get Success in Really a Short time Because of It,s of it,s Great Quality. 

  • Income $522,000 Dollars
  • PR  7 Out of 10
  • Alexa Rank   513

(4) Shawn Hogan

Shawn Hogan is 4th Highest Adsense Earner in The World And He is Owner of 

  • Monthly Earning  $480,000 Dollars
  • Page Rank             5/10
  • Alexa Rank            1537

(5) Markus Frind is owned by markus and it,s 5th Top Google Adsense Site which Also Earns a Good Amount Like More Than 3.6 Million Dollars Per Month.

  • Earning             $365,000 Dollars
  • Pof PR               5/10
  • Alexa Rank       424

Final Words

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