Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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How to Lock your Windows 7 or 8 Partition with Password

Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you How to Lock your Windows 7 or 8 Partition with Password That Way you can Lock your windows Partition with Password Then when you Open it. It Will Ask for a Password Then Simply Enter your Password and click on unlock This Trick Only will Work on Windows 7 , 8  and 8.1 we will Lock Partitions using Bit-locker.

What is Bitlocker..?

Bit locker is a windows 7 and 8 Feature to Lock Partitions with Password you Don,t Need To Download or Install it Because This Feature is Already in Your Windows So just Follow Below Steps to Lock your Partitions.

Lock your Partition Using Bitlocker

Step (1) Go to My Computer Then Right Click on Drive Which you Want To Lock Then Click on Turn on Bit-locker.

Step (2) Then Check the Box and then Enter your Password Then Click on Next.

Step (3) Now Click on Save to a File Then it will Ask For Location Where to Save File Then Just Select Location Like Desktop then click on Save Then Click on Next.

Note: Remember Keep This File Safe Because If you Forget your Password then it can open your Partition Without Password.

Step (4)  Then Click on Encrypt Used Disk space only and Then Click on Next.

Step (5) Then Click on Start Encrypting  and Then Wait until its Done it will Take more than One Hour.

Now See its Done.

Step (6) Now Restart Your Computer.

Now when you open Your Partition it will ask For Password Then Simply Enter your Password and Click on Unlock.

Congrats You are Done Enjoy This Trick if you have any Question you can ask in comments i will Happy to Answer your Question.

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