Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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How to Become a Successful Blogger

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As we Every Blogger Want to Success in his Blog But Only Few Bloggers get Success In Their But Today i will Tell You ho to Be a Successful Blogger.

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How to Became a Successful Blogger

(1) Article

Always Before Writing any Article Must Research on your Article Topic and then Write a Article Because if You Give Less Information in Your Blog topic then people Will Never came again in your Blog.

(2) Grammar Mistakes 

Always Write a Article Without Grammar Mistake if You make Huge Grammar Mistake then Google Will not give you a Good Page Rank and also Visitors Don,t like Full of Grammar Mistakes Articles.

(3) Copyright

Never Write Copied Article always Write Unique and Fresh Article Because it Will make You  Blog Unprofessional and Google will not add your Article in Search Engine so Always Think you are Better Than Other.

(4) Quality vs Quantity

Always Focus on Quality not Quantity Because Everyone Like Quality Article and If you Write Quality Article Then Google Will Give you Top Place in Good Search Engine.

(5) Blog Design

Blog Design is Very Important to Attract Visitors on your Blog and Search Engines Also like Good Designed Blog So Install Template to Make your Blog Design Beautiful and Easy to Navigate.

(6) Words

Many of don,t Know That Word Counting is Also Important many Blogger write two to Three Post Per Day But They Write Their Post Only 200 to 300 Word never Write too Short Post Try to make your Post More Than 600 Words.

(7) Guest Post 

Write Guest Post on Other Successful Blogs Because Guest Post is The Key of Success to Higher Rank in your Blog because if you write a Guest Post then If people like your Post then they click on your link and this way you can get higher Traffic in your Blog.

(8) Pages

Make Contact us And About me Page in your Blog and tell about your Self in About me Page and Always Reply your Visitors if they ask you a question.

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