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How to Submit your Blog or Website to Search Engine

Submit your Blog or Website to Search Engine

If you are a Blogger or you have a website Then Search is Best Way to increase your Website Traffic and Popularity and search engines also increase your Blog/Website Alexa Rank And Alexa Rank is Great Way to Put your website on top so now i will Explain you how to add your website to Search Engines There are to many Search engines But i will 3 Most Popular Search Engines.

(1)  Google

Google is very Popular Search engine and Google is on Top so must add your site in this Search Engine.

Add Your website URL To Google

Add your URL to Google Add Your Site to Google Go to This Link then in URL Type your Website Address Like ( ) Then Type image Verification Code and Click on Submit Request.

Google Webmaster

Now add your Website to Google Webmaster Tool It will Help Google To Search your every post title and url Add now Google Webmaster Tool  Add Now

More Submit Option

There Are many more ways To Submit your URL to google  Submit Url With Multiple Ways

(2) Yahoo

Yahoo is Second Most Popular Search Engine in the World and Yahoo is also Necessary to make your Blog Popular and it will Increase Huge Traffic on your Blog But Now Yahoo is Not Accepting Site maps and Not indexing by yahoo Site Explorer So you just need to Submit your Blog to Bing and Bing will Auto index all of yours Blog or Website Post/Links in Yahoo Search

(3) Bing

Bing Is 3rd Most Popular search Engine This Search Engine will also Help to Make your Website or Blog Popular Must add your site to Bing.

Now Submit your site to Bing you do not need to Log-in for Submitting your website to Bing 
Submit Your Site Now   its Easy Just type your Site URL and then Enter Image Verification Code Then Click on Submit.

Bing Webmaster Center

Now add Your Site to Bing Webmaster Center its Like a Yahoo Site Explorer But For adding your site to Bing webmaster Center you have to Login in Bing with Facebook or Windows Live Account add your site to Bing Webmaster Center      

Hope This will Help you.

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