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12 August 2014

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7 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

7 tips toReduce Bounce Rate of your Site and Blog and Get a Boost From Search Engines and Increase Traffic

Reduce Bounce Rate

Note : This Post has Been Updated on 10 July 2015.   (Updated)

Bounce Rate is very considered and important Factor in SEO. Bloggers have to pay attention to blog bounce rate. Bounce rate is the average of people who visit our blog and leave in short time it is very bad for your blog Search Engine Ranking so Today in this Tutorial i will tell you 7 Tips to Reduce Bounce rate of your Blog .
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Few Benefits of Reducing Bounce Rate

  • Peoples will Start More Likely to Vist your Blog Again.
  • Your Search Engine Ranking will Get a Little Boost.
  • you will See a Good Improvment in Alexa Ranking.

7 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Speed up your Blog

Low Speed is the Biggest Reason of high Bounce Rate Because according to Research Peoples don,t like those blogs Which takes more than 4 Seconds to load in normal internet speed So Try to Make your Blog Faster.

Poor Content

Poor Content is also can be a Reason of too much Bounce Rate So Try to Make your Blog Content Good and Lengthy it will Help you to Decrease bounce rate of your Blog and Increase Loyal Readers of your Blog.

Bad Navigation

If your Blog Navigation is Poor then no one will Like Your Blog  and they will Leave your Blog So Try to Make Easy and Simple Navigation Because Peoples Irritates when they are not able to find what they want.

Use Unique Design 

Make Your Design Beautiful and Professional Because Design is Very Important to Attract Visitors on Your Blog and Keep them for a long time on your Blog So Invest your Time to Select a Proper Design Theme for your Blog :)

Add Search Box in your Blog

Search Box Is Very Important For Every Blog Because Peoples Like Those Blogs which are Easy to Search any Content and it can be done by adding a Search Box in your Blog and it will Decrease your Blog Bounce Rate.

Don,t Use Too many Ads

Don,t Make Your Blog Full of Adds many Bloggers Do This Mistake For Increasing Their Blog Earning But They Start losing their Loyal Because no Likes a Blog which have too Many Adds So Do not add more than 3 Add in Your Blog To Keep your Blog Professional.

Final Words

These are Best ways to Decrease your Blog Bounce Rate Follow them and you will start Getting a Good Results in just few days.
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