21 November 2014


How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

How to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog or Website

How to Increase your Alexa Rank of Your Blog

Many of you know that Alexa is Ranking Site And Alexa Rank All Site and if you have good Alexa Rank then your Site will get Success like Google has No 1 Alexa Rank So As we Know Google is World Best Popular and Successful  Site and if your Site Alexa Rank is Good Then More People will Attract on Your Site and it Seem Good Reputation and Good Reputation is  Very Important for Every Business So Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog.

Check Your Alexa Rank Alexa.com

Increase Alexa  Rank of your Blog

(1) Blog Design

Blog Design is Very important For your Blog it also Effect on Alexa Rank  and you can make your Beautiful and Responsive Using Good Template so (What is Template) Template is The Design of your Blog so Use Best SEO Template to Improve your Alexa Rank.

(2) Navigation

Make your Blog Easy to Navigate Easy and responsive and navigation is also part of Template and Choose good Navigation Template it will not increase Alexa Rank but it will Increase your Traffic and If you get high traffic then your Alexa Rank will Automatically increase.

(3) Update your Blog Rgularly

This is Great way to Increase your Blog alexa Rank Because Alexa Like Those Blog Which Update Daily and Alexa Give Them Better Rank so Always Keep Update Your Blog and post new Articles

(4) Unique Contents

Always Write Quality and Unique Article and Focus on Quality not Quantity Because if you are Writing High Quality Article Then You will Defiantly Get Higher Alexa Rank And Google Also Like Quality Articles So Google Will Also Rank Your Better and Never Wright Copyright Articles if you wright Copyright Article Then Your Blogging Carrier Will Destroy.

(5) Social Media

Social Media is Best way to Increase Alexa Rank So always Share your Post on Social Media Like (Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Linked in,Pin Interest) and many More it will Increase Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank.

(6) Backlinks on High Page Rank Sites

Build Backlinks on High Page Rank Site it will Boost your Alexa Rank And Google Page Rank you Can Make Backlinks using Guest Post,Comments,Forums and Many more ways Must use This to Get Higher Rank.

Final Words

These are Best ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank and It will Also Boost your Blog Traffic and will make Your Blog Beautiful and i am Sure if you Follow These Step you will be successful in Future.

Hope This Will Help You And if you have any question You can ask in Comment we will Happy to Answer Your Question .


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