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How to Earn Money With Youtube

How to Earn Money With YouTube

Many People Want to make Money on Internet But They Don,t know how to make a Good amount with Internet So Today i will Tell You how to Earn Money With YouTube.

YouTube is a Video Sharing Website and YouTube is on Top in Video Sharing website

Why YouTube is Paying Us ?

YouTube is Video Sharing Site But Its also a Advertisement Advertiser Ads and 
Advertisers Pays YouTube to Show ads on YouTube and Then YouTube Pays Us to advertise   advertisers  Ads on our Uploaded Videos.

How to Earn With YouTube ?

Step (1) Go to and Then Log-in With your Google Account.

Step (2) After Log-in Create YouTube Channel With your choice Name.
Examples:(Amazing Videos) (Video Tutorials) (Movies) (Songs) E.t.c

Step (3) After Creating Channel Upload at least 3 Videos

Note: Do not Upload Copyright Songs or Movies Only Upload Those Videos Which are Not Copyright if you Upload Copyright Material then you can not earn with Those Videos.

For Block Countries : this Step is only for Blocked Counties Like Pakistan,Iran, Afghanistan E.t.c

if in Your Country YouTube is Blocked  Then You Have to one More step Just Go to YouTube setting and Then go to Channel  Then click on Advance And Select Country as United States or United Kingdom and Then Click on Save. 

Step (4) Then Go to your YouTube Setting  Youtube Setting and Then Click on Channel Then Click on Status and Features Then Click on Enable in Monetization .

Step (5) Now click on Enable my Account

Step (6) Check all 3 Boxes and Then Click on i Accept.

Now Go back to your YouTube Setting and see YouTube Monetization is Enabled

Step (7) Go to YouTube Setting then Click on Channel Then go to  Monetization click on How will Be i Paid and Then Click on Associate an Ad Sense account.

after That New page will open then click on Next.

Step (8) After Clicking next a new page will open then click on Yes, Proceed to Google account Sign in

Step (9) Then Enter your Google Account Password again

Step (10) Then Select Language And Then Click on Accept Association.

Step (11) Then Select your Correct Country even if YouTube is Blocked in your country and then in Payee name enter your Original Identity Card Name and then enter your Other information Correctly Like Your Address and City/town And Postal code

Note: Must Enter Original Information Otherwise you will not receive your Payments

Then Click on Submit My Application.

You are Done now Google will approve your application in less than 3 Hours You will get answer of your application in G-mail.

You can see your Earning in your Google Ad-sense Account.

Hope This Trick Will help You.

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