Sunday, 24 August 2014

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How to Add Image with Link in Sidebar

Many Peoples Want to add Images in Sidebar With Link For Advertising,Marketing,Affiliate Program,or Their Website Pages but They don,t Know how to Add image With Link in sidebar so Today in this Tutorial i will Tell You How to Add Image with link in  Side Bar It,s very Easy so Lets add Image with Link in Sidebar.

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Add Image with Link in Sidebar

Step (1) Go to And Sign-in in your Account.

Step (2) Go to Your Blogger Dashboard and Then Click on Layout and Then See Side Bar and Click on Add Gadget 

Step (3) Then Scroll Down And Find Image Gadget After Finding add Image Gadget

Step (4) Then Choose Title For Your Image and then Type Link and Then Add Image By Clicking on Choose File and Then Click on Save.

Congrats You are Done Now Go to your Blog and See your Image in Sidebar.

Hope This Tutorial Will Help You Please Don,t Forget to Comment.

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