Friday, 18 July 2014

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How to Unblock YouTube in any Country

YouTube is not Supporting many Countries and we know YouTube is Best Video Sharing website So many Peoples From Unsupported Countries want to run YouTube So Today in this Tutorial i will Tell you how to Run YouTube in Blocked Countries

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What are The Best ways to Unblock Youtube in any Country

There are many Option Available to Unblock YouTube or any other Blocked sites but i see many Peoples who are Searching for more Faster ways to Run YouTube in full Speed Like not Blocked Sites and So i Know some Awesome ways to Unblock any Blocked website and run in Full speed.

Top Four Ways which i use to Unblock any Site
  • ZenMate : Plugin
  • Tor Browser 
  • Hot-spot Shield
  • Proxy Sites

Zen Mate

Zenmate is a Plugin which can be Install in any Browser Like Google Chrome,Firefox,Opera,Safari or any Other and this is my Favorite way to Unblock any site because it,s faster and by just enabling it we don,t have to care about Block sites.

Add This Plugin in :
Zenmate Google Chrome Plugin

or Install This Plugin From it,s Official site

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is also Best Because Its Fast And Secure and Download Tor browser Latest Version From Here Download Tor Browser There Are Browser For all Windows,Mac,Smartphones E.t.c

Hot-spot Shield

Hot-spot shield is also Good it,s use a vpn Service to Unblock Sites But Many Times It Gives error and in Hot-spot shield There are big sign of Problem With YouTube and its Free Version is Slow But Premium version is Superb but you want use it,s Free version then i think it,s Not Good for You Download Hotspot shield

Proxy Sites

In Proxy Site There Are Many Problems So Don,t Use Proxy Sites But I will tell You good Proxy Site Its Your choice you can try proxy sites.

Final words

As i already Says Zenmate is Great so i also Recommended you to Try and Tell your Experience me in comments.

I Hope you will like These ways and it help You.

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