27 July 2014

How to Create a Video Sharing Website For Free

Video Sharing with Blogger
As Many Peoples want to Make their own video Sharing web site Because Some of them want to Make money with video sharing site and Some of them just want to make these sites just for fun but Because of High VPN Hosting Charges so they don,t make their Site So Today in this Tutorial I will Tell you How to Make a Video Sharing Site with Blogger Blog in free it will not Charge a Single Penny From you Yes Its Completely Free

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But There are Some Con,s Of Creating a Video Sharing site with Blogger Blog.

Con,s of Creating Video Sharing Site on Blogger Blog

  • It will Only Have 15 GB Space Because we using Blog Space to Create a Video Sharing Site But you can get more space by creating a new google account and then add them as an author.
  • you have to do little hard work to make it faster.

But if you still want to make Your Video Sharing Site on Blogger Then Follow Below Steps

How to Create a Video Sharing Website For Free Using Blogger

First of all create a google account. then follow below steps.

Step (1) Go to Blogger.com and sign in with your Google Account

Step (2) Then Click on New Blog and then choose a good URL.

Step (3) Then Download Video Sharing Blog Template
Download Video Sharing Blog Template Of your Choice From Here
Step (4) Then Unzip your Download File

Step (5) Then Go to Your Blog Dashboard then Click on Template Then click on Backup/Restore then click on Choose File and Then Upload XML File from downloaded Folder

After Uploading this File, your Blog will Look like a Video Sharing Blog now Embed videos in your Blog from Popular Sites like YouTube.com,dailymotion.com and you can also do it from different video Sharing Site.

Step (6) Now embed videos from other video sharing sites

Step (7) Then Do some Setting about how do you want show Other video Link, Search Bar, and many Other things

That,s it you are Done.

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