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30 July 2014

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5 Tips to Get Approved From Google Adsense Easily

5 Tips to Get Approved From Google Adsense for your Blog or Website Easily

Get Approved From Adsense

What is Google Adsense How does Google Adsense Works

Google Adsense is a Advertising Company as Called Google Ad-word Program Google Receive The Advertisement From Advertisers Who Pay The Google for Advertise Their Ads And Then Google Pay Us 60% to 70% Percent Commission  For Display Their Advertisement  On Our Website

5 Tips to Get Approved From Google Adsense Easily

Google Adsense is Best Advertisement Company and pay us a Good Commission So Every one Want to Approve Their Blog on Google Adsense But Google Adsense is Not Approving All Applications Due to huge Scamming So i am Telling you Some Tips Follow These and i am Sure Adsense will Approve Your Application

(1) High Level Domain Name

Create a Blog or Website With a Good Level Domain Name Like: .Com or .Net you Can get These Name in $12 us Dollars Per Year its not a Big Amount you will get the Amount Back in Less 5 Days if you got Approval from Google Adsense

(2) Articles

Write More Than 40 Articles in your Blog or Website But Write Quality Article Many Peoples Don,t Focus on Quality But Quality Article is Very important to Get Approve from Google Adsense and Get Good Earning Write Quality Article it Will Increase your Blog Traffic and Traffic is Every Thing More Traffic Means More Earning.

(3) Design 

Make Your Blog Design Beautiful and Professional and Make easy navigation in Your Blog to Attract Peoples on Your Blog and peoples Like Professional Blogs and if you are using Blogger Then Your work can be done by using a Good Template.

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(4) Don,t Steal Others Content

Never Steal Othes Content Because if you Publish Others Copyright work on your Blog without their Permission then Google Adsense will not approve your Application So Create your Own Content.

(5) Your Blog Must be Older Than 6 Months

This Term is only Few Counties Due to Lots of Spam from These Counties now Google Adsense have one more Term for Those Countries which is There Blog Must be More than 6 Month Old to get Approve from Google Adsense.

Note : If you Follow These Step Then Your Blog will Get Approved From Google Adsense Easily.

Best Of  Luck and Stay Connected With Us.
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  1. Do you have Approved Adsense Account or Not. I think yourself you have no approved adsense ccount.

    1. Muhammad Naseem Yes you are Right i have not Approve Adsense on This Blog i Have not Send Application to Adsense Because i am Planning to Change my Domain so Just waiting For it.

      And Thanks for Comment.


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